FIFA 19’s The Journey: Champions Shows Alex Hunter Joining Real Madrid

FIFA 19's story mode called The Journey: Champions will show protagonist Alex Hunter joining Real Madrid in pursuit of the championship.

FIFA 19 might be out one football superstar since Christiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid to go to Juventus, but we at least have a fictional one in the form of Alex Hunter, who will be returning in FIFA 19’s The Journey: Champions story mode, which has been a hallmark of the past few games.

The Journey tells the story of Alex Hunter, a young man who has a simple dream: to play for a championship soccer team. In the past two FIFA games that have come out, Hunter has first played in England’s Premiere League, then gone worldwide as a free agent to any number of different well-known football clubs not just in Europe but also America.

The Journey: Champions will focus around Hunter joining Real Madrid as he goes for the biggest honor in soccer, winning the Championship. He’ll end up playing through the entire league with Real Madrid to get to that point, and will likely encounter a number of challenges along the way that are different from a football game with an opposing team.

The story, being the last of the Journey story modes that have been in the past few FIFA games, has been descriped as having a “Dramatic finish” by EA Sports. Considering everything that Alex has been through over the course of the other two games, if this portion of The Journey talks about actually getting to the championship, no wonder it’s the third one in the series.

Either way, we can likely expect FIFA 19 and The Journey: Champions to be coming out sometime this year, likely in the autumn of 2018. Whether the game and more specifically its story mode end up being as valuable and good as they thought you’d be remains to be seen, however.

FIFA 19 will be released for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 28 of this year.

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