Ronaldo’s Surprise Move To Juventus Creates a Problem for FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is just a few months away from its launch and at E3 we saw the official trailer lead by Cristiano Ronaldo who’s on the main cover of the game but suddenly everything has changed which is due to Ronaldo’s unexpected and sudden move to Juventus.

These sudden cover changes have been a problem for sports game in the past but it’s going to be much bigger for FIFA 19 as the company has been showing Ronaldo on its main cover for all the marketing purposes and this sudden team change creates a serious problem for the marketing department of the upcoming FIFA.

Real Madrid has officially confirmed and announced the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. The entire marketing of the game was made with Ronaldo on top dressed as a Real Madrid player. Though there were rumors that it’s going to happen but EA did not take them seriously.

Same happened with Konami when Neymar left for Barcelona and he appeared on the cover of PES 2018 in the uniform of Catalan club. This has also happened with 2k Sports so they learned and chose Lebron James for their cover of its twentieth edition by only focusing on his face so any future transfers won’t affect the game.

EA Sports will have to change all of its covers and marketing materials to reflect the change of club by having Ronaldo in a Juventus shirt so it doesn’t look outdated.

The only thing which EA Sports will have a hard time is with the Journey mode in the game which includes Ronaldo in Madrid and we have to team up with him in it. This is something hard to do so we will see how EA decides to change something already planned or leave it the way it is.

FIFA 19 is scheduled to release on September 29, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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