FIFA 18 Players Will Be Able To Play The FIFA 18 World Cup This Year

The time is coming soon once again, when the best soccer (or football depending on your nationality) teams in the world all gather together in order to see which team is the greatest in the World Cup. And now FIFA 18 players can take part in the FIFA 18 World Cup as DLC.

Considering the World Cup is one of the biggest events in the world of soccer, it’s no surprise that FIFA 18 would be willing to create a FIFA 18 World Cup DLC. That DLC will be including all 32 different teams that have qualified for the World Cup this year, and a number of teams that didn’t qualify, such as the United States, Chile, Italy, and the Netherlands, will be joining as well.

This similar thing happened back in 2014 at when the previous World Cup (which took place in Brazil) was running, with FIFA 2014 being given a World Cup DLC as well. However, Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami’s equivalent to the FIFA series, has already claimed the European Championship event, another major soccer event.

Considering how well that the FIFA games have sold in Europe, which in turn is crazy about soccer, the FIFA 18 World Cup DLC will likely end up being a rousing success, though in North America at least somewhat less so, as the United States more prefer football.

But, the FIFA 18 World Cup DLC does give soccer fans a good opportunity. Considering that each team represents an entire country rather than a football team, if your own favored team loses, you can take them through the World Cup yourself to win the entire event.

There’s no telling when the FIFA 18 World Cup will become available for FIFA players to download, but when it does you can hopefully see both your real-life national team and your FIFA 18 national team go all the way to the top.

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