Rumor: FIFA 18 Is Getting A FIFA World Cup Update

FIFA World Cup is taking place this year and what better way to celebrate it than with a special FIFA 18 event. Rumor has it that Electronic Arts has an update in store for the upcoming cup even though nothing is confirmed yet.

The news comes from a data miner known as Fifanomics who claims to have found references to a free package of FIFA World Cup. While this seems like legit data mining files you should take this as a rumor as it could as well as be a hoax.

As you can see from the picture below, there are bronze, silver, gold and special packs as well as a free FIFA World Cup pack in the bunch. The way in which the code is written seems to indicate that it is a package of free cards for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team is the game’s most famous mode, so bringing more content to it, let alone free content, is one more way to bring back players that have retired from it over the last months. If the rumors are true and the FIFA World Cup update is

Electronic Arts is releasing World Cup-themed games since France 1998 either stand-alone or as free add-ons on annual FIFA titles. Why would it be anything else than the same theme for this year too?

It is important to note though that Electronic Arts has not commented on it neither announced anything. So, there is always the possibility that this information will not reveal anything about their plans for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

FIFA 18 sales have exceeded 10 million copies this year, beating the last year sales. FIFA 17 sold 6.5 million copies so in comparison; this makes it a new milestone for the FIFA series. The game reaching this new achievement has made almost 50% increase in the sales as compared to last year.

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