FFXIV Online: ARR Level 20 Guildhests Guide – Pulling Poison Poises and Stinging Back

How to complete level 20 guildhest Pulling Poison Poises and Stinging Back in FFXIV Online: ARR.

Once you have completed the level 10-15 guildhests, you’ll unlock the level 20 guildhests. As with the previous guildhests, the party requirement is generally four people consisting of one tank, one healer and two DPS.

Similar to all other guildhests, you will access them through the Duty Finder.

If you’re in a full party, the leader will queue up and the remaining members will confirm their entrance, but if you’re solo or an incomplete party, the Duty Finder will automatically find players for your party by looking for players with similar levels across all servers.

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FFXIV Online: ARR Level 20 Guildhests

Level 20 guildhests are a bit more complicated than the previous ones as you’ll need to learn new mechanics such as constant positioning to successfully make your way through these. Always be sure to keep track of the time limit because you will fail if you do not finish the quest within the given time frame.

Pulling Poison Poises

Pulling Poison Poises is the first level 20 guildhest where your main target will be a Toxic Battrap along with a number of adds.


The Toxic Battrap is quite an annoying foe to go against as he keeps tossing poison clouds at your party every few seconds, and you also need to fight a bit outside his combat zone to avoid all the debuffs.

As you enter the guildhest, you will be given instructions, and you will see three targets standing ahead in a purple goo cloud. Pull and kill them to make the Toxic Battrap spawn. Fighting the Toxic Battrap is quite fast-paced and intense as you need to constantly shift your position to avoid the poison clouds he throws towards the middle of your party.

Keep moving around and combat the Toxic Battrap and when the adds spawn, make sure your DPS kills them as soon as possible to avoid a messy fight. Other than this, you will just need to constantly reposition yourself as you melt the Toxic Battrap down to finish the guildhest.

Stinging Back

In this guildhest, you will be going to an instance located in the South Shroud where you will be taking on the Redbelly Wasp bandit clan. This guildhest relies much more on target prioritization and being able to adapt by adjusting your tactics according to the situation at hand because in this guildhest, you will also be facing multiple NPCs which have healing capabilities making it a very challenging quest.

As you enter the guildhest, you will encounter a bunch of bandits, few of them will be patrolling and a few will be static. Here, target prioritization along with good pulling skills becomes important unless you want to end up fighting a large bunch of bandits at the same time.

Generally, you should wait for the patrolling group of bandits to pass by and then pull in the static ones through a ranged attack. Move them away from the petrol and dispose them off so you can move on and take on the patrolling bandits.

After you are done, you will soon encounter a group of chanters. These are the annoying conjurer class NPCs with healing capabilities. You can fight them in several different ways, but the most efficient ones are either bursting one of them down through High DPS, cast a sleep spell on one of them or scatter them through archer roots.

As you see the first boss ‘Redbelly Swarmpoint, you’ll notice that he is surrounded by three chanters. You will need to make short work of these three before going head-on with the Swarmpoint to avoid an extremely difficult fight.

The Swarmpoint has the potential to summon adds. These adds will be coming from three different directions and are generally either Conjurer or Archer classes.

Target prioritization will be the key to success in this fight. As explained in the previous guildhest guides, if the boss is low hp, then you should generally focus on bringing him down and if his HP pool is still relatively high, then it is advised to dispatch the adds before you re-engage the boss.

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