FFXIV Online: ARR Crafting Basic Guide – How To Craft

There are a total of 8 Crafting Professions in FFXIV Online: ARR. Each class in the game is connected to the starting location and each Crafting Profession has its very own guild in the starting location of the game.

In order to join a guild, you are required to reach the level 10 in either War or Magic. You will then have the option of joining a guild by talking to the Guild Master. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be provided with a crafting tool and become a crafter!

Note: The crafting tool at your disposal can be upgraded by more crafting, completing quests, and by going to shops.

After becoming a crafter, it is time to learn how to start crafting things! Bring up your crafting log to see the whole compilation of things you would be able to craft and how to do that?

How to Level Up Crafting Class
Crafting can be leveled up either by Tradecraft Guildeves or by Crafting Logs. The only thing to note here is that both Guildeves and Crafting Logs are limited. However, you would be able to save about 99 Guildeves at a time.

Another highlight of Guildeves is the amount of XP they grant! Some initial Guildeves can provide you with well over 3000 XP in addition to Shards, which come in very handy during crafting.

As for Crafting Log, the best thing about it is that when you craft a formula for the first time, you are awarded with some bonus XP. In this way, each time you craft a thing, you will be provided with some additional XP. However, this is only to the first time.

Leveling up your crafting in this way can become is very monotonous and dull, but it is your best bet, especially if you’re a new player.

How to Start Crafting
To begin crafting, open the Crafting Log and you will be presented with a compilation of recipes that you would be able to craft at a particular level. The Crafting Log will then provide you with comprehensive information as to how much materials and shards are needed in order to begin the synthesis.

Note: Materials can also be purchased from different shops and other players.

After gathering all the items and shards that are needed to carry out a particular recipe, click the Synthesize button in the bottom right corner of your screen to begin crafting. When a recipe is finished, a tick will appear next to it; indicating that it has been completed.

Crafting Menu
Information regarding the item you’ve created appears in the Crafting Menu. The information it provides includes is progress, durability, condition, and quality.

There are a total of 14 abilities which will be at your Crafting Class. These abilities can be used during synthesis and share some skills with other classes as well. There are a few Crafting Abilities that we would advise you to use the most since they come in very handy.

Basic Synthesis
This is the perfect ability to use if you’re planning on making the recipe regardless of HQs as the chances of something going wrong are very rare.

Basic Touch
The players who opt for the quality should use this ability the most. Though you will have very less chances of success especially when comparing it to Basic Synthesis but the quality will not be compromised when completed.

Master’s Mend
The key feature of this ability is that it adds 30 durability to your item; making the synthesis more successful even if it was intended to go wrong.

Besides giving you a chance to retrieve an element from an unstable state during synthesis, it does pretty much nothing else. You should also note that in this ability HQ loss is far greater than any other ability.

HQ Crafting
In the Crafting Menu, quality has its own stat with the total amount at the end of the stat-bar. Even before carrying out a Synthesis, the quality bar will have some value entirely depending upon the quality of materials that you are using while crafting.

Using Normal Quality materials in your Synthesis and your quality bar will tend to being from zero (start). What you’re required to do is to get as near the end of the quality bar as possible.

There is another HQ stat underneath the quality bar which displays the percentage of HQ. As of now, I’m not certain how the actual formula works. However, there is one thing I’m certain of, reach the end of the quality bar, and you will definitely get an HQ.

That’s all we have on basic Crafting Skills in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! Reach out to us in the Comment Section below if you think that we have missed something important, and we’ll update it!

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