How To Get Sand In Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier, you are assigned as an administrator to defend a medieval town. To survive, you will need the help of villagers to construct different structures in your town. You will task them with various projects while providing them with necessities of life such as food, housing, cultivation, etc.

Sand is a vital resource that you will need in most of your building and upgrading activities. It is akin to wood and water and hence, you must learn how to gather as much sand as possible because you will need a steady supply once your settlement starts running.

The following guide will show you how to get sand in Farthest Frontier.

How to get your villagers to gather sand

You cannot instruct your villagers to start scooping up sand from any random dirt road. You need to build a Sand Pit to properly get the right sand for your construction needs. That, however, requires you to level your Town Centre to tier 2.

When ready, head into the Build menu and then check out the Resource section for the Sand Pit. You will need wood and planks which are cheap to purchase from a Trading Post if you are running short.

The important thing to know is that Sand Pits can only be built around specific areas. For this, you have to search the area and locate a sizable land of yellow pasture. Such areas will have sand icons, so you can easily identify the right location for a Sand Pit.


It is recommended to have two Sand Pits side by side. Hence, search for a yellow, sandy area that has enough space for two Sand Pits. This will make it far more efficient for your workers to gather more sand in quick-time.

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