How To Get Heavy Tools In Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is a strategy/simulation game set in the medieval age in which your objective is to build and protect...

Farthest Frontier is a strategy/simulation game set in the medieval age in which your objective is to build and protect your settlement. Players must constantly advance their towns while fighting invaders and diseases. Resources and items are being used continuously for building and upgrades.

One of the items that aid you in building your settlement is heavy tools. They are used to build essential infrastructure like foundries, sawmills, forges, etc. for your settlement. Therefore, heavy tools are a necessity to develop your settlement.

Heavy tools are also used to upgrade the food processor, this increases its output significantly. This means less food will be wasted while processing and you will get more food for the same amount of grain giving your settlement a much higher chance of survival through the bone-cold winters.

How To Get Heavy Tools In Farthest Frontier

Heavy tools cannot be made by the player. They must be bought from the traders through a “Trading Post”. Therefore, constructing a trading post should be one of your primary priorities. But before being able to construct the trading post you must complete the following steps:

  • Construct a warehouse so you can store all the foods that will be sold on the trading post.
  • Build a large sawpit to construct the wooden frame needed to erect the trading post.

After constructing these two, you will unlock the option to build the trading post in the building menu. You will need 80x Manpower, 35x Wooden Plank, and 10x Stone to build the trading post itself. So, make sure that you have these resources.

After you have constructed your trading post, wait for the new year to being. This is because traders will visit your trading post at that time and will stay there for approximately 45 days.

All the traders sell different goods and not all of them will have heavy tools. So, buy all the heavy tools you can get from a trader who sells them. There is no fixed price for heavy tools, so it’s better to wait a bit as traders will drop their prices when their time of departure come near.

Once you have accumulated enough heavy tools. Build a foundry so you can make iron ingots from the iron ore you extract from the mines. Then build a blacksmith forge. There you can convert your iron ingots to heavy tools as per your needs. Now we will have a steady source of heavy tools and wouldn’t need to wait for the new year when the traders arrive.

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