How to Defeat Raiders in Farthest Frontier

Life is not easy in a medieval town. There will always be threats that will keep hanging over your head like a sword. However, if you are fully prepared to tackle these threats they don’t mean much. Raiders are a threat that you will have to face when you are building a town. This guide will tell you how you can defeat raiders in Farthest Frontier.

How to Defeat Raiders in Farthest Frontier

Raiders are one of the threats that your town will face from time to time. Raiders are people that will come to loot your town. Failure to stop them means they will take every resource that you have saved up.

Raiders are brutal people who will also kill anyone that will come in their way. There will be times when some raiders will offer you a peaceful open to give up the money and save everyone or pay with blood. For the times things get violent, you can follow the tips we have to give below.

Firstly, you will be the one to notice that the raiders are about to attack your village as you will get the notification and a bell icon will appear on top of the Town Hall.

You will have to ring the bell, so the people know that the town is being attacked and they need to run away. Everyone who runs away will be saved while those who fail to escape will be killed.

If you are still early on in the game, the raiders won’t be that powerful. Your villagers can deal with them even if they have bare minimum weapons. So, you should let the villagers fight with the raiders.


When you have advanced in the game, the raiders will be much more powerful and brutal. For taking on stronger raiders, you will need to build an army and train troops. To do that you will need to build barracks and recruit people to fight your battles for you. You will also have to train them which will cost you gold but not as much if the raiders loot you.

Once you have built barracks and trained troops, you will also have to give them better weapons and armors. Sending your men with simple armor such as animal hide and basic weapons such as arrows is not a wise thing to do. You will only be sending them to their demise.

Strategic positioning of troops is also very important. You will have to deploy your troops in areas that are much more sensitive such as areas where most of your resources are located.

Once the battle is over, send the soldiers back to their barracks and feed them good food so they can prepare for the next battle and keep your town safe.

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