How to Get Animals for Barn in Farthest Frontier

We are here to tell you how you can get animals for your barn in Farthest Frontier for safekeeping and resource needs of your town.

Setting up a town and running it is not an easy task, you have to do a lot and buy lots of stuff to keep the town up and running. It is not very different even if it’s a simulation like Farthest Frontier. One of the prerequisites of a town is a Barn and we are here to tell you how you can get animals for your barn in Farthest Frontier.

Uses of a Barn

When you are building a town, some things are the heart and soul of the town not because they make money for you but without them, the town feels incomplete. The barn is one of those things.

Barns in Farthest Frontier are used to house animals that will give you different things such as cows that will produce milk, chickens will produce eggs, and so on. These things can be later sold and are a good source of income.

How to Get Animals for Barn in Farthest Frontier

Now that you have built a barn keeping it empty is going to do you no good. An empty barn is just as good as a paper umbrella in the pouring rain. You will need to fill it with animals which are neither easy nor cheap.

Animals are quite expensive, and you have to keep an eye out if you want to buy them. Unfortunately, you cannot buy animals like many other things, and you will have to buy animals from the Traders Post.

From time to time, a merchant will come into town and the merchant sign will come on that’s how you will know that the merchant is in town. Then you will have to go to the Trading Post and see what the merchant has to offer.

The merchant will not always have an animal to trade so you will have to come back again once they have an animal. If the merchant has an animal for example a cow, then you can buy it for 600 Gold.

Yes, that is expensive, but the cow provides lots of resources such as milk that can be used in various ways and this is a very good investment for your town. So make sure that you have enough gold for when a merchant has an animal to offer.

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