Far Cry 6 Paradise Lost Walkthrough

After the completion of Blood Ties, Clara hands you your next assignment in the form of Paradise Lost mission in...

After the completion of Blood Ties, Clara hands you your next assignment in the form of Paradise Lost mission in Far Cry 6. Below we have prepared the complete Far Cry 6 Paradise Lost mission walkthrough to help you out.

Far Cry 6 Paradise Lost

Paradise lost is an operation mission offered by Clara Garcia. To start the mission, you need to speak to Clara at Esperanza in Mercurio Mecanico.

Clara explains that Anton Castillo is giving an Annual Independence Day speech at Hotel Paraiso, and this is the perfect opportunity to take him out. You are provided with charges to blow up the entrances, to avoid them from escaping or allowing reinforcements in, and with your mission in front of you, you set out to do the deed.

After you head out, you are to plant the explosives at the designated marks. You will be provided three different locations where you are to plant the explosives you were given.

The first of these is on a generator and is also the closest to you. Go to the objective marker and kill the 3 guards here, then plant the bomb. The second objective s also a generator, and this time you will only face a single guard.

The third and the last objective location is difficult. You will have a tank protecting the area, as well as an alarm that can make things go south pretty quickly. You have to sneak through the entire area and watch out for a sniper on the roof of the building on the southeast of the tank.

You can simply grapple up the building, kill the sniper and use a silenced ranged weapon like the bow to kill all the enemies there. Then disable the alarm and just run to the generator.

After you have planted all the bombs, you are to rendezvous with Juan. Stealth climb your way to the meeting spot and Juan will blow off all the bombs, initiating the attack.

Once the attack begins, storm the hotel and get to Anton Castillo. The only way in is through the main hotel lobby, which is of course swarming with soldiers. After you clear the soldiers, run to the security room at the end of the first floor and here, you can get the Executive Elevator Key. With the key, jump to the ground floor (or use stairs like a normal person) and get in the elevator.

You enter Anton Castillo’s suite only to find it empty. The speech he was giving was a recording, and you find Diego, his son here. The plan has failed and more of Anton’s soldiers are coming for you. As you prepare to fight them, Diego opens a secret path to get out of here.

You go down the corridors killing a few more of Castillo’s soldiers before you get into his car and escape. Get away from the Special Forces hunting you down and this will mark the end of the Paradise Lost mission.

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