How to Get Money Fast in Far Cry 6

In this guide, we'll be showing you effective methods for Far Cry 6 Money Farming that you can use to gather the pesos you need

To buy unique weapons, items, and other fun shenanigans, you need to farm money in Far Cry 6. There are many ways that you can earn fast money in this game, but we will show you how to Get Money Fast in Far Cry 6 by exploring different activities in Yara.

How to Get Money Fast in Far Cry 6

The currency in Far Cry 6 goes by the name of Pesos, which you get for completing missions, doing side quests, looting enemies, and more.

You will need to keep a healthy balance on you at all times. To keep that healthy balance, you will have to do some grind.

Here are the best ways that you can earn some quick cash in Far Cry 6:


Like any previous Far Cry game, you can loot almost everything you see on the map. From dead bodies to crates, everything on the map will contain some material or even Pesos that you can find.

We would recommend you have a maxed-out Chorizo by your side. Chorizo will continuously mark any collectible crates in the vicinity which can add to a good amount as you continue to loot.

Winning and Repeating Races

In Far Cry 6, you can compete in some races to earn Pesos by winning them. These are found all over Yara Island and can be repeated for as much as you want.

Beating a race after the first time will give you a total of 200 Pesos, which is enough to grow your account balance.

Los Bandidos Operations

The best method in Far Cry 6 to farm Pesos is to play the Los Bandidos Operations. It is the easiest way to get cash with little to no effort.

Once you unlock the AI-driven minigame after spending some time in the story campaign, you will be able to task leaders to do various objectives.

These operations can be left in the background to complete on their own and you will be earning thousands of Pesos within no time.

Trading For Pesos

There is an option in Far Cry 6 to trade materials with Pesos. There are workbenches and NPC shops found on the map where you can go to trade your materials.

You will find plenty of materials during your stay on the island, which you can use to craft various items. Use the extra materials to trade them for Pesos.