Where to Use Chorizo’s Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6

Chorizo is a dog in Far Cry 6 who, upon getting recruited by you, grants you a mysterious key. In...

Chorizo is a dog in Far Cry 6 who, upon getting recruited by you, grants you a mysterious key. In this guide, we will get you up to speed with where to use Chorizo’s Mysterious Key FC 6.

Where to Use Chorizo’s Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6

Chorizo is one of the five companions you can unlock and recruit as a part of the Far Cry 6 campaign. Each amigo has its own way to aid you.

Chorizo helps you find a mysterious key and, although the key isn’t of any worth, it still grants you access to a valuable item.

While most of the keys in Far Cry 6 are used to unlock something nearby, Chorizo’s Mysterious Key seems to have an entirely different scenario. Unlike other keys, it’ll be used in a completely different area of the map.

Our guide below will detail the exact location where you can use the Mysterious Key to unlock a chest containing an important piece of gear. However, before we do that, let’s go over how you can acquire this coveted key!

How to Get Chorizo’s Mysterious Key

To obtain Chorizo’s Mysterious Key, you need to recruit Chorizo and then two of his “loyalty” quests.

The first Yaran Story revolving around Chorizo is named Who’s A Good Boy?. To overcome it, you’ll need to get your hands on a handful of Yaran Crocodile meat and feed it to Chorizo.

Once you do that, a second quest named Fetch Quest will be unlocked. In this quest, you won’t have to do anything. Chorizo will take you around Montero Farm and extract a variety of items and resources for you to collect, with the Mysterious Key amongst them.

Using Chorizo’s Mysterious Key

With the Mysterious Key in your inventory, inspect it. As a result, you’ll find some words mentioning the Guau-Guau Island on Isla Santuario written on it. The Mysterious Key will unlock a chest on the Guau-Guau Island.

Far Cry 6 Guau Guau Island

Accordingly, fast travel to Isle Santuario through any of the Guerilla locations you’ve unlocked on the island.

You’ll locate Guau-Guau Island in Casas Cove, near the coast of Armonia. The locked chest will be sitting, next to a palm tree, on the southern part of the coast.

To be precise, the chest is found on the Island near a campfire. Using your key, you can now unlock the chest and collect the valuable item inside.

This chest will grant you the Fuck Anton weapon. This weapon comes with useful perks, like Muzzle Break and abilities, such as improved aimed weapon damage. Moreover, it is also one of the 49 weapons that you require to unlock the “Armed to the Teeth” achievement.

This weapon is considered a valuable item as it deals poison damage to opponents, gradually draining their health. In addition to that, the weapon is a good alternate for stealth and has high accuracy.

Also, its Trigger Discipline mod provides increased damage while aiming down sights, truly making it a valuable item to possess in Far Cry 6.