Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Guide

Far Cry 6 comes with a couple of Treasure hunts to complete and one of them is the “A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt”. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to complete the Far Cry 6 Rising Tide Treasure hunt.

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts are tricky mini-games in Far Cry 6. These mini-games are puzzles that were previously known as Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5.

In “A Rising Tide” Treasure Hunt, however, you’ll be finding a 5-digit code to unlock the village stash room, giving you access to the reward behind it. The stash room consists of a series of 5 switches associated with a legendary guerrilla fighter.

In addition to that, the boats found are also named after the legends themselves with a code next to them which you’ll be needing to unlock the stash room.

All you have to do is find five different boats scattered around the village and note down their specific codes to unlock the stash room and acquire your unique equipment.

Below we’ve given the locations to all 5 boats in the village area:


El-Tiger Del Mar

Starting off with the boat located just outside the stash room, El-Tiger Del Mar. You can find this boat outside the puzzle location with “1” next to it.

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

Papi Chulo

For this boat, you’ll be heading up to the rooftop to use the zipline taking you to the southwest part behind the puzzle location or you can simply fly over to the boat (as shown in the image below) where you’ll find “Not equal to 5” inside the boat.

Not equal to 5 means the code is “2”. As mentioned before, these puzzle games play some neat and laughable tricks at you.Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt


Found at the northeast side of the village, this boat is flipped over, atop a greenish-colored house with a “3” next to it.

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt


Right from the El-Lucky boat, you’ll find Clarita flipped over, atop the greenish house at the far-right corner with “4” under it.

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

Rojo Victoria

This boat is found underwater next to the dock, but before heading into the water, make sure to kill the sharks first. Once done, drop down and find the boat with “Greater than 3” under it which essentially means the code is “5”.

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

Stash Room Door Combination

To unlock the stash room door, you must press the switches next to the names you found on the boat. Keep in mind that the switches should be pressed in the sequence you found the boat in.

Therefore, start off by pressing the switch next to El-Tiger Del Mar, move onto Papi Chulo then El-Lucky, Clarita, and lastly Rojo Victoria.

Once all switches are pressed in order, you’ll successfully unlock the stash room and acquire your unique equipment inside.

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