Far Cry 5 Money Guide – How To Earn Money Fast, Farming Tips And Tricks

This guide will shine light on some of the ways players can earn money in Far Cry 5. Since you need those dollars for purchasing quite a lot in the game.

Our Far Cry 5 Money Guide will shine light on some of the ways players can earn money in Far Cry 5. Since you need those dollars for purchasing quite a lot in the game, these routes will get you the cash most quickly. Check out our Far Cry 5 Money Guide below.

Far Cry 5 Money

Whether you’d want to up your game in terms firearms or some customization for your own likability, you need money wherever you can find it.

From upgrading your character’s skill and buying cool cosmetics to purchasing vehicles to rain fire from above, cash definitely comes in handy. Below, you can find some ways of earning money quickly without much hassle.

Completing Main and Side Missions

First and foremost way of going about earning cash is go through the main story of the game. Albeit this is one of the more time consuming ways on our list, it’s also the one which rewards you the most. Not only do you get the green stuff on the way, but you also earn rare items which you can sell to vendors in the game.

Once you’ve finished the main story-line missions, wander off the path to find and complete other objectives. You can check out our detailed Side Missions Walkthrough Guide by heading over to the link.

Pepper Stash

Riddled throughout the world of Far Cry 5, Pepper Stashes contain a plethora of goodies including cash and rare weapons as well. Of course, as rewarding as tough they are to find, you don’t have to worry just one bit. We’ve got just the guide you need to find all the Prepper Stashes Guide by heading over to the link.

Unlock Safes

Across Hope County, you’ll come across many safes which hold some precious goodies inside.

Ranging from a decent amount of cash to expensive and rare weapons, you need to stop everything else when you come across one. The locksmith perk will aid you in unlocking the harder safes faster. Alternatively, you could go the old-fashioned way and blow them open with C4s. Either way; you’re walking home with a lot of big ones!


Hope County has a number of water bodies including rivers and lakes which you can use for other purposes than swimming. With a variety of fish species to be caught, you can always bring them in to the nearest vendor for profits.

Fishing could be tough at first, but once you’ve got a hang of it, you’ll be reeling all the fish you desire. For mastering this part of the game, head over to our Fishing Guide by heading over to the link.


So we’ve saved best for last, you’re right; this is the quickest way to earn money in Far Cry 5. So quick, in fact, that this method is being labelled as ‘cash farming’. Beforehand, we recommend unlocking the ‘Harvest Master’ and ‘Ghost Perk’ skills for most effective harvest and hunting abilities.

Weapons recommended are the ‘Compound Bow’ or silenced firearms since most of the animals will get startled and flee away because of noise.

This includes sprinting as well, so that’s why the ‘Ghost Perk’ under the Assassins skill tree will lower the noise when you do so. A particular place that stands out in terms of how you can always skin animals there is detailed below!

You are required to head to the Moccasin River in Jacob’s Region. The area is situated south of the F.A.N.G. Center, in a flooded basin near the bridge.

Once there, you’ll need to find the caribou hunting spot. The special thing about the place is that, in addition to the number of animals it holds, you can also spot them easily.

Hunt caribous you can find here to collect skin and bait. Use this bait and place it on the ground. This will have a predator running to this spot in a matter of seconds.

This is where we want you to take use the light machine gun since wolf leaders or black bears usually appear to get that bait. Harvesting these predators and selling their skins back to the gun store vendor nearby means a steady flow of cash.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Money Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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