Far Cry 5 Here Kitty Kitty, Friendly Skies, Burn Baby Burn Walkthrough Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Here Kitty Kitty, Friendly Skies, Burn Baby Burn Walkthrough Guide is a walkthrough for story missions in Far Cry 5. Therefore, if you’re stuck at any point in the game, no worries, our Far Cry 5 Guide is designed to help you.

Far Cry 5 Here Kitty Kitty, Friendly Skies, Burn Baby Burn

Far Cry 5‘s Hope County is rather a big land to explore. With it, you’ll come across many interesting challenges some requiring more effort and observation than others.

Our Far Cry 5 Here Kitty Kitty, Friendly Skies, Burn Baby Burn Walkthrough Guide will detail all aspects regarding any main storyline mission to help you get an upper hand when it comes to bagging trophies and progressing in the game faster than ever! All the missions below fall in Henbane River, the region belonging to Faith.

Here Kitty Kitty

The mission, if completed successfully, will allow you to pet a new companion.

The awesome mountain lion, Peaches can be unlocked after carrying out this mission. Firstly, head to Peaches Taxidermy as marked on the map towards the northern part of Henbane region.

Here, talk to Miss Mable. This will trigger the start of the mission. You will be first tasked to obtain some ‘Special treats’ to aid you in your hunt for the mountain lion. Follow the blood traces and corpses while fighting off bad guys in the way.

Reaching the camp, throw these ‘Special treats’ by selecting them from your inventory towards Peaches. Keep looking for more and more delicacies near Peaches location and throw them to him. Beware of snipers in the area. After throwing the last delicacy towards Peaches, return and talk to Miss Mable.

She will allow you to have Peaches as your companion on your travels. You also acquire 600 Resistance Points too by the way.

Friendly Skies

You’ll have a hard time if you overlook this quest since this mission will acquaint you with the helicopter pilot Adelaide Drubman. Later in the game, a lot of missions will become much easier with aerial support. First, head to Drubman Marina to the north of Henbane River. Rid this area of any cultists either by stealth or by aggressive head-on assault.

Then you need to interact with three locations on your map. A timed objective, head over to Misty River Gas station and eliminate the pilot there before he takes off on a chopper.

Next, head to Taft Lookout Tower and eliminate the pilot here as well. Note that there will also be some cultists here to be taken care of. The last pilot will be situated at the Lookout. Take out your binoculars to mark his location which is southeast of the area. Take him out silently. Kill the cultists here as well.

Finally, board a helicopter and fly back to Drubman Marina. Here, take out any cultist groups from the air but make sure you don’t damage Drubman’s chopper. Talk to him after doing so, and you’ll be able to acquire him as your specialist. You also get 600 Resistance Points.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

If you want to acquire a partner who will take out enemies with brute force in the midst of battle, then you should carry out this mission. Sharky Boshaw will use flamethrower and will bring the heat to enemies and vehicles. To get him to join your team, head to Moonflower Trailer Park situated west of Henbane River.

Once there, climb the roof of one of the trailers to meet Sharky. Help him defeat the ‘Bliss’ affected enemies coming from all sides. Make sure to revive him quickly if he gets injured because failing to do so will fail the mission. You can fight them off without ever leaving the roof.

The enemies may also approach on vehicles so use grenade launchers and rocket launchers to blow these. Finally, turn off the switches as tasked by Sharky. One of them is located at the top of the tower while the other is lying beneath the footbridge. Talk to Sharky to get him on the team and earn 600 Resistance Points.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Here Kitty Kitty, Friendly Skies, Burn Baby Burn Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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