Far Cry 5 Hit the Gas, The Revelator, Good Samaritan Walkthrough Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Hit the Gas, The Revelator, Good Samaritan Walkthrough Guide below is for walking you through some of the main missions in Far Cry 5. Below you’ll find a detailed walkthrough for Hit the Gas, The Revelator, and Good Samaritan story missions in Holland Valley.

Far Cry 5 Hit the Gas, The Revelator, Good Samaritan

The missions below require a little thinking and brute force on your part. Some may become more accessible if you approach them stealthily. No matter what scenario you have to employ, we’re there with you! Follow these easy steps to get to your goal in no time at all.

Hit the Gas

In this mission, you simply have to kidnap a fuel tanker and drive it over to Fall’s End. We recommend going on this mission solo since companions may destroy fuel tankers failing the mission.

Reaching Level 2/3 in Holland Valley will automatically trigger the start of this mission. The finding part is difficult since you’ve got to drive and drive on the main road until you come across a fuel tanker. Note that you can repair the vehicle with the repair torch to prevent it from blowing up.

Once you’ve captured one, drive it over to Fall’s End. Avoiding collisions and enemies, deliver two fuel tanks safely back to Fall’s End to complete the mission. You receive 600 Resistance Points.

The Revelator

In this mission, you’re tasked to destroy a heavily armored truck of cultists known as the ‘Revelator’. You’ll have to achieve a certain Resistance Level in this area to unlock the mission.

Once you do, grab rocket and grenade launchers, and head to the crossroads. Plant explosives on the eastern road as a side measure for blowing up the truck. After destroying the truck, you get 900 Resistance Points.

Good Samaritan

Firstly, head to Woodson Pig Farm from Fall’s End. It is best to approach the mission stealthily since hostages are being kept prisoners by the Peggies.

These hostages will be a big part of the fight to come. Heading to the house, kill the enemy torturing the hostage. Set the hostage free. Free the next hostage by heading to the far right of the property and killing the guard there. Finally, perform a silent takedown on the flamethrower enemy to rescue the last hostage there.

From here on, many vehicles of Peggies will approach and you’d have to fight them off. Luckily, for you, the hostages you freed will take up arms and fight alongside you.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Hit the Gas, The Revelator, Good Samaritan Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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