Far Cry 3 Memory Card Locations Guide

Learn how to find and collect all the memory cards in Far Cry 3 with the help of the locations we gathered for you in this guide

The Rook Islands in Far Cry 3 are more than just a collection of ruins, greenery, and crazies – it’s a place where information flows, and does so in modern fashion on memory cards. Read this Far Cry 3 Memory Card Location guide to collect them all.

Far Cry 3 Memory Card Location

Distributed across the North and South concerned islands are a set of laptops, which contain Memory Cards in them, which can get you some items to sell or craft, and quite a lot of information as well.

These laptops-with-memory-cards can be a little troublesome to find because of the large scale of the islands, but we’re here to make things easy by giving coordinates for each card, which should make things a lot easier.

Another thing to note is that the laptops are found next to or in shacks with weapon vending machines, so that should allow you to spot them more easily. For more help on Far Cry 3, read our Outpost Locations, Signature Weapons Unlock and Crafting Recipes Guide.

Here they are:

North Island Locations

  1. Welshore Wreckers House Outpost is where you find the mem card having Benzodiazepine Formula
  2. Amnaki Outpost has the mem card with Cocain formula
  3. Orphan Point Outpost has the mem card with Barbiturates Formula
  4. Northview Gas Outpost has the mem card with Crack Cocain Formula
  5. Cliffside Overlook Post has the mem card with Failed Drug patent 1 Formula
  6. Rust Yard Outpost has one with Ecstasy Formula
  7. Old Mines Outpost has one with Failed Drug patent 2 formula
  8. AM 12 Outpost has one with Failed Drug patent 3 Formula
  9. Camp Murder Outpost has one with Ketamine Formula
  10. Nat’s Repair Outpost has one with Krikodil Formula
  11. Hubert Shore Outpost has one with GHB Formula
  12. Kel’s Boat Repairs Outpost has one with Khat Formula
  13. Broken Neck Home Outpost has one with Heroin Formula

South Island Locations

  1. North Ridge Crest Outpost has one with Opium Formula
  2. Spine Ridge Site Outpost has one with Meth Formula
  3. Maw Docks and Repairs Outpost has one with PCP Formula
  4. Long Shore View Outpost has one with Mushrooms Formula
  5. Lazy Shore Marine Outpost has one with LSD-25 Formula
  6. Satellite Communication Hub Outpost has one with Spice Formula
  7. Bridge Control Outpost has the last one with Marijuana Formula

Once you have all these Memory Cards you will get some interesting rewards including bunch of cash and obviously all the formulas you need to have in order to make and sell drugs!

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