Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough

Fallout New Vegas is standalone title in the Fallout series, unrelated to the previous title Fallout 3.

Fallout New Vegas is a standalone title in the Fallout series, unrelated to the previous title Fallout 3. It is set in the post apocalyptic Las Vegas, Nevade, and features Mojave desert as Mojave wasteland, much like capital wasteland of Fallout 3.

Fallout New Vegas doesn’t feature any characters from Fallout 3 but, is build on the same Fallout 3 engine so has many similarities to the previous game gameplay-wise.

Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough Guide

Half of it, is a story; how you ended up at Doc. Mitchel, and half of it, is tutorial, and in the remaining part, you will track down people who tried to kill you in New Vegas Strip. This act teaches you the basics of the survival, and you will now have basic idea about controls and different aspects of the game like how to use the map indicator to locate subjects of interest. You are neutral entity right now so you don’t need to form any alliance as indicated by neutral icon on this quest.

When you wake up, talk to Doc. Mitchel, enter your details, select traits, skills and get a psychological test or whatever and get out of the house. On your way out, if you search the house, you can get good stuff if you search the cans.

Back in the Saddle
Meet Sunny Smiles, get some shooting practice, and then follow her to kill three Geckos, again, more wells to clear, follow her lead to clear the area. You will find a settler in trouble on your way, screaming for help. if you save her, you get 50 caps, purified water x3, and Goodspring fame, be sure not to miss this chance.

By a Campfire on the Trail
If you agreed with Sunny Smiles teaching you how to survive in the desert. You are asked to search for two plants, important in this prospect, Broc Flower, and Xander Root. Go to Goodsprings Cemetry to get your first Broc Flower, and you will find the Xander root at tree stump near school house.

Now, go to Sunny at the prospector’s campfire and create a healing powder using these two plants. Once you have created the healing powder, Sunny says good bye and asks you to meet Trudy, in Prospector’s Saloon.

When you enter Saloon, Trudy is arguing Joe Cobb, you can either let the conversation to finish or intervene to get a side quest from Joe Cobb. (Meet him at Powder Ganger Camp for “Run Goodsprings Run” side quest). If you talk to Trudy, you will be given, Ghost Town Gunfight side quest.

They Went That A-Way
Now, in this quest, you need to talk to the robot about your rescue, inquire about your delivery assignment with Mojave Express administrator and find the people who tried to kill you, Yeah! that suited booted arse.

Now, if you haven’t talk to Victor already outside Doc. Mitchel’s house while moving around, you will find him close to his house. After investigating about your rescue from Victor, you need to go to Primm, to further investigate from Mojave Express administrator, You can find him inside the Vikki and Vance casino. Follow your map indicator to southwest and you will find a small NCR camp in the ruined buildings.

The casino is the smaller of these, now there are convicts between you and main entrance to the casino. You can either fight through them or sneak around to enter the casino. We prefer fighting so, executing them didn’t hurt any reputation also.

Tip. This is where outfits, come in handy, you can get Powder Gangers outfit to silently sneak in.

When you make your way into Casino, you are greeted by Johnson Nash, you get some useful information about the town and different factions. Now, ask him about the men who stole the chip from you, you show him the delivery order and he suggests you to speak to Deputy Beagle in Bison Steve Casino. You get a side quest, after you finish talking to Nash, purely optional.

Betting Against the Renegades
You will easily find the Bison Steve Casino across the main road. Now, Deputy Beagle is hold up inside Bison Steve Casino, so you will have to clear some mess before you get time to inquire. Now, there are atleast 7-8 guys between you and informant, in the small kitchen area southwest of the ground floor. After you are done with these guys, you can ask Mr. Beagle, about guys who tried to kill you.

There are several ways you can get the same information, kill him to get the journal from his corpse, release him and get the information later in Vikki and Vance Casino. Force him to stay with you and give you the information by threatening him, whatever goes with you.

Into the Jaws or Dinky
Now you have two new locations on your Pip Boy’s World Map, after you are through with the information Beagle gives you. Head to Nipton, and you spot various burning tires, you are now into Caesar’s Legion area.

Move towards the town and you will be greeted by Vulpes Inculta, you either take the side mission or let it pass and move toward Novac. Head northeast, if you stick to the road, you will end up at Northeast Charlie Station, with brief skirmishes with Viper Gunslingers. Once you have reached Novac just ahead of the station, you will see Dino-Dee-Lite dinosaur Dinky.

Enter the building behind this giant metal piece to talk to Jeannie May Crawford for information, she will point you to Dinky. Enter Dino Bite Gift shop,and you are greeted by Cliff Briscoe. Inquire about the man in coat from him, he is clueless, but points you to Manny. You will find Manny at the top of the interior steps, good sniping spot. Chat with him, and inquire about the man, he knows him but will ask for help instead.

Complete the Come Fly With Me sidequest to clear the Ghoul threat and he gives you the information you are seeking. You can get a sniper if you kill this guy, I like snipers.

A Khan Do Attitude
The man you are seeking has a name, Benny and he is associated with Khans. Now you need to head to Boulder City just off the remains of I95 near the welcome signs. I am sure you will figure out the location with your map indicators. Meet NCR Lieutenant Monroe who has got dispute with the khans, their are NCR hostages that need to be rescued from Boulder City Ruins, you can side by NCR to rescue them or kill them by opting against NCR.

Now your best shot is to talk to Monroe after you have helped him with the hostage situation. You can help him out and he will guide you to ruins, now you can either sneak in at night, or go with weapons drawn and fight the khans. Alternatively, you can negotiate a deal to resolve the issue and enter ruins.

Either way you need to talk to Khan’s leader, Jessup. You will find him in the ruined building to the southwest, you can access it via door to the great Khan hideout. When you enter Great Khan hideout and confront Jessup. Now, you can chit chat, or kill him (I did) to find “Chairmen Job Offer” note which will update your quest.

A Passport to Paradise
Now you need to find Benny, he is in the Tops Casino. Go northwest of the Boulder City, throw the train yard with Barstow Express, into the New Vegas outer areas. There are many entrances into the big ass casino buildings in there, you can choose any. Wait for the night for the full blown light effects, or you can choose to enter through Freeside East Gate marked on your Pip Boy, which is the fastest route.

Open the gate, enter the main streets of outer Freeside, passing the Mick & Ralph emporium to the first street ark. Now turn right and then left at the bakery sign passing the old Mormon Fort on your right. At the next street ark you will find various vehicles assembled together into a barricade. Turn left and open the door to the inner Freeside.

Head south, follow the road, and you will see heavily guarded entrance to the strip. To enter a passport or credit card check is needed. Now you can either show him the 2000 caps, do a side mission to get the passport from the king, or visit Mick & Ralph and speak to Ralph to create you a passport, or just fight your way through this gatekeeper.

Welcome to New Vegas
Enjoy the scenery as Victor pops up again revealing information about head of New Vegas, Mr.House, who wants to meet you. Meet Mr. House at Lucky 38 Casino and he will give you loads of information about Benny, or you can skip meeting Mr. House and head straight The Tops Casino.

Tip. You can purchase weapons from a man in a suit near Gomarrah.

You Dirty Rat
Now as soon as you enter Tops Casino, they take all your weapons. You can try to oblige him to keep a weapon, or refuse which ends up in massive fight, which will surely overpower you unless you are very good in FPS shooting, after all its a game, and you can beat it.

If you follow the security protocols, you have different options here. You can meet Swank, and inform about Benny’s act to be on your side. (You will find him standing next to a desk near Chairmen greeter). Swank will give you Benny’s suit key when you provide him with all the evidence you collected, lighter, cigarette and Chairmen Note from Jessup. Follow’s Swank’s plan and get to 13th floor via elevator, and open the suit using the key.

If you disagree to his plan and opt out to take him right now, Swank arranges Benny to visit his suit and you can wait for him there. Or you wait till you get your weapons back and see Benny on the upper hotel floor.

Either way when he comes in, and the conversation starts, he offers you a deal in which you can both work together, with a fair share of caps. Kill him and loot his corpse to get the platinum chip. If he escapes, talk to Yes Man and Vulpes Inculta for his location.

Wild Card: Ace in the Hole
Either way another quest appears on your Pip Boy, and now you need to meet Benny’s reprogrammed Securitron. Once the conversation ends, the main quest, Wild Card: Change in Management Begins.

When you leave Tops Casino for the first time, you meet a suited man with instructions and mark of Caesar, who guides you to meet Caesar at The Fort via boat. Or it can be an NCR Trooper with Vulpes Inculta dependent on the choices you made earlier in the mission. Choose whatever faction you want to ally here and the story will continue.

After some basics, the real thing starts and now you will make some friends and also some enemies. It is totally on you that what path you choose. To make your alliance, there are 4 options to choose from:

  • You can choose to be independent in the New Vegas and ignore the offer from other 3 major groups.
  • You can choose to co-operate with Mr. House and then his enemies will be your enemies.
  • You can also join New CA. Republic to work against the other two groups.
  • Last but not the least it’s the Caesar’s Legion.

You will also make secondary alliance with smaller groups for the side quests but we will only target the main quests in this guide.

Wild Card: Change in Management (Independent)
You need to meet Yes Man in Benny’s Suite. This quest begins after you have taken Benny’s 13th floor suit. Take the the elevator to 13th floor where you can get the suit. You will have to steal it from him. There are multiple ways to do it like you can steal the key or you can seduce Benny etc.

Then before you go to kill Mr. House in the Casino, you need to attain Platinum chip from Benny’s workshop. After that you have attained the chip, you should be on your way to your quest. You will meet Victor once you reach Lucky 38 Casino. Ask Victor to take you to the penthouse (Mr. House’s private quarters) where you can complete your target. Mr. House will agree to meet you as he will be interested in Platinum chip you have.

Pass Jane Securitrons and House himself and access the terminal under the staircase on the North wall and open “Antechamber”. Here you can fight with securitron defense or rather you can choose to use the elevator and head straight to Mr. House and take him out or leave him alive.

Once this task has been performed, your main quest is completed.Head back to Yes Man and tell him that Mr. House has been taken care of (killed or made alliance). You can use the Platinum card to start making your own robot army. You can also ask Yes Man to get his A.I to the Casino.

Wild Card: You and What Army? (Independent)
Being independent, head to Yes Man and then you may need to collect he Platinum chip if you still don’t have it. Head to the Fort and look into Caesar’s camp for it. Caesar will order you to destroy anything that is in the bunker building. Again it’s your choice. You can choose any option. Say yes anyways to proceed forward. Don’t forget to take back your weapons before you leave the fort.

Now the Vault is guarded by Turrets and bots. You need to take them out. You can into turrets to take the control and or you can hack the whole terminal for the complete silence. Moving ahead through the corridor is a gate containing Sentry bots. The door is locked currently but you can seal it further if you don’t want them to disturb you on your return.

Keep on moving and you will find more foes. You can either fight with them or skip the trouble. Ultimately you will end up in a large generator room and then 3 chambers with regulators. These regulators control the power to whole vault and hence can be considered as the heart of the vault. Here you can make a choice. If you want to return to Caesar then power up the source to show that you are to destroy the facility or you can leave them alone.

First option is recommended if you want to have your own army. Your final battle will be easier if you upgrade the securitrons instead of destroying them. After you have made this critical decision, you can beign your next quest assuming that you have talked with Yes Man about the Factions before.

Wild Card: Side Bets (Independent)
Like all other Quests, you can start this one too by talking to Yes Man. Ask him about the other tribes in the area so that you may have a better idea with whom you want to team up with. Now you need to choose from your secondary alliance. You can either ignore(destroy) them or work for them so that you can team up with them. This will feature the completion of side quests.

Whatever you choose, this will effect the ending. For Boomers, talk to Mother Pearl you can complete the Side Quest “Volare”. You can speak to Papa Khan next and complete “Oh my Papa” Quest to assure their loyalty to you. Then there are Omertas too. You can complete Side Quest “How little we Know” for them. You can also speak to Marjorie for “Beyond the Beast”. After making your choice, return to Yes Man to complete this main Quest.

Wild Card: Finishing Touches
Yes Man will detail you about the Securitrons at the fort depending upon your previous move (whether you destroyed them or upgraded them). You can also perform side tasks along your main Quest. Your main Quest is to deliver a chip that Yes Man gave you to El Dorado Substation and attach to the power control terminal there. Yes Man will enhance power using this process to have a better network and control over Securitrons. Report back to Yes Man and your task will be over for this Quest.

The House Always Wins I (Mr. House)
After doing some strip searching, you will meet Victor. You are guided by him to reach honcho of New Vegas where you are supposed to meet Mr. House. Choice is yours but still it is recommended that you proceed to meet him so that you can gather some Caps in exchange of the Platinum Chip.

So follow Victor’s guidslines and meet Mr. House to close the deal. There will be a detailed talk about the Strip and other Factions in the area. You can either exchange the Chip with 100o caps or just hand it over it to him. Deal with Mr. House can be tricky and you can also make up to 1250 caps from the chip.

Ring A-Ding-Dong Quest is going to affect the game a lot. Whether Benny escaped or not, you would have met Yes Man for independent Quests we discussed earlier. We are assuming here that you have successfully recovered the Chip from Benny or by rendering on to Caesar and you have approached to Mr. House for a deal.

If the deal is successful then you can indulge in further Quests involving Mr. House, and if not then you will be attacked bu his Securitrons. So, now there will be no further Quests with Mr. House.

The House Always Wins II (Mr House)
We are assuming that you have completed the first Quest with Mr. House positively and has handed over the Chip to him. Your next task with Mr. House is to infiltrate Caesar’s facility at Fortification facility also known as the Fort. Grab your weapons from Weather Station guard in a concrete building to the west with radio station. Use the Platinum Chip (you acquired back from Mr. House for the job) and enter the Securitron Vault .

You will meet Mr. House on the screen again and choose whether you want to upgrade or refuse making the robots hostile or become noncommittal . Choice is yours again.

We Assume that you have opted for upgrading the Securitron. Now you need to take down some Sentry Robots and Protectrons. Defeat the first Protectron at the bottom of the steps after which you can reach the security room. You can pick Plasma rifle and ammunition from the security room.

You can either hack Protectron terminal to switch off the alarm or the Turret Terminal can be hacked to silent the turrets. Now keep on heading forward and you will face some resistance till you reach the generator room. Deal with 5 Protectrons and you will come around the conduct Chambers containing the power regulators. Charge the Securitrons.

The Commotion will make Caesar think that you have destroyed the Securitrons. Head to the door to the west wall and head up to the stairs. be careful of the turrets in you way.Access the Securitron Operations console. Use the Platinum chip to upgrade them and complete the Quest’s objective.

Once the objective is completed successfully, you will now have a big army that will help you in the ultimate battle. On your way back to Mr. House, meet Caesar first to tell him that you completed the task successfully. Head back to Mr. House (assuming that you are meeting him second time with the chip) and ask him for Reward or ask about his further plans to begin the next Quest with him.

The House Always Wins III (Mr. House)
This Quest begins after you have decided to work with Mr. House. Now it’s time to have an alliance with a Boomers. House guides you to the area where boomers can be found which used to be Nelli’s Air Force base. House’s interest is in their explosive weapons. He will also warn you that they have a habit to bombard on the intruders. So your task is either make them join Mr. House or neutralize them. After leaving 38 head Northeast to reach the Boomers’ territory.

Once you are on road you will meet up with George who will provide you information to get into the base. Now you need to talk to Mother Pearl. Reach the front gate and meet Raquel to begin the talk with Mother Pearl. You will need to perform some jobs for Boomers to attain “Idolized” rank. So complete the tasks if you want to make an alliance. After completing the side Quest Volare, meet Mother Pearl and ask her assistance. You always have a second option to kill them.

Once you have begin the Quest Volare, you can annihilate them. Head to House to tell him whether you have killed them or won there support. It is advised that if you decide to destroy Boomers and killed their leaders, you tell Mr .House that you are working on it.

The House Always Wins IV (Mr. House)
Mr. House is now worried about an organization that runs his Adult business, the Omertas. He is not happy with them and thinks that they are up to something he does not like. Speak to Victor and head straight to the casino named “Gomorrah”. Now you need to complete the side Quest “How little we know” which will also complete your main Quest. To complete this Quest, ask the receptionist or other workers about “Cachino” and then ask him about his business.

After you have gained some info, hand him the evidence and start investigating the Omertas members (two of them). Investigate any one of them (Clanden or Trolke). You can use Trolke’s Thermite to destroy Omertas’ weapon storage. You can make Clanden to leave Vegas or kill him instead.

You can also adopt a more diplomatic way to solve the issue which can make them loyal to you and hence to your boss. Any other way to complete this Quest is not recommended. Like always, head back to Mr. House and report him about your activity. Your decision is going to affect final battle. Siding with Cachino is your best option. Irrespective of the results of the Quest, you will be assigned your next job.

Note. Excessive killings don’t have a good impact on your strip so be careful while you choose to kill people.

The House Always Wins V (Mr. House)
Mr. House now asks you to destroy “Brotherhood of Steel” which apparently can prove a threat to him. So, head to the Hidden Valley and enter the western bunker. Killing them won’t be a good idea as they can be a useful asset in long run. So you need to be wise and cunning here.

After meeting elder McNamara, you will be free to move across the bunker. Locate VR chamber in the southern area of the bunker. Silently look for the two terminals on the western wall. Hack the Red terminal and activate the Self Destruct sequence of the bunker. You can also use three keycards for authorization which are held by three Brotherhood members.

If you are with Mr. House, you can’t get away without killing them. The only reason for which you may want to ally with them is Power armor training or some other useful items which you can purchase from them or steal them. After that kill everyone to complete your main Quest.

The House Always Wins VI (Mr. House)
Your NCR reputation matters a lot in this mission as you won’t be allowed to attend Mr. Kimball (President of New California) speech. Mr. House wants you to Foil a Legion Assassination plot. This Begins the main Quest “You Will Know it When it Happens”. Protect the President for the stability in New Vegas. Report back to Mr. House to conclude the Quest.

The House Always Wins VII (Mr. House)
After the Presidents death or survival, Legion’s attack is imminent. You must visit El Dorado Substation and attach a chip to power control terminal which will boost the transmission strength of the network.

Render Unto Caesar (Caesar’s Legion)
Again back to the main Quest Ring -a- Ding -Dong where it all actually begins. You will be introduced by a man named Vulpes Inculta or Alerio (that is if you killed Inculta in Nipton). You are summoned by the leader and you will be guided to reach The Fort to meet Caesar. You can complete this Quest when you are with any other of the three Factions but it is better that you do it when Benny escapes and you don’t have the Platinum Chip.

When you reach the location after a long rip, real long actually, you will talk to Caesar where you can get your first job. You can ask about the Platinum Chip (i.e is if Benny escaped) chip or about the job he wants from you. He wants you to take care of Mr. House first and destroy the structure he describes.

Again the same choices, you can either knock out Mr. House or if you change your mind you can ally with him. If you want to ally with Caesar, you need to destroy the Securitron facility. (Same steps as in main Quest The House Always Wins II).

Return back to Caesar and report to him. Next he wants you to kill Mr. House. Here Benny’s role is important as he is desperate to keep himself alive. You can take use of his condition and he can tell you that how you can destroy the bunker without harming Mr. House’s special technology which you can use for your own good.

You can’t just roam around Lucky 38 and enter inside the structure. You should make some preparations like you should have the Chip and the VIP keycrad (you can find it from various locations like you can go to Camp Golf and find it inside a Resort building). Get your armed up and head to the front of Lucky 38 and your first victim there will be Victor.

Get rid of the Mk and Jane and don’t worry about the threats that are being displayed on the screen from House’s side. In the server room you can get rid of the 2 more Securitrons or override the security code . Now head to the control room by using the elevator. This room contains Mr. House’s Life support Chamber.

Sterilizing the LS chamber will kill Mr. House as prescribed by Caesar. Bu again if you change your mind, this can halt this Quest here. On removing the cerebral curtain, you will finally be able to see his true identity. He is not what he looks on scree. Choices are your, kill him, let him live or have pangs o guilt. After this act, leave the casino and head back to the Fort.

Caesar will be happy to hear that you have taken care of Mr. House. Your next task will be to ally with Boomers. He will tell you the conditions and if they don’t agree, what else can be your options except of killing them. Like before (in case of Mr. House’s alliance as described above) George will guide you to the safest path and in order to make them join Caesar’s Legion, complete the side Quest “Volare”.

Like before, ask Mother Pearl for assistance after you have completed the Quest. Once they agree, head back to Caesar and report that you have made an alliance with them. And if you want annihilate them, you will have to kill their leaders so that they are not a potential threat in the ultimate Quest. killing Mother Pearl and Loyal will do things for you.

Either way, you are assigned your next assignment which is to approach group known as “White Glove Society” . Your task is to make an alliance with them. Head to the Ultra Luxe – Casino and meet the White Glove society leader . You will be asked to disarm yourself at the beginning. You can choose from you given options. Once you are in, turn left from the Casino’s desk and look for the door that says “The Gournmand at the Ultra-Luxe”.

Enter the room to meet Marjorie. He will refuse your offer. Head back to the Casino floor and talk to a man (using some notpad) named Mortimer. tell him about the Caesar’s request and he will give you 2 options: Get rid of Ted and bring back Carlyl St. Clare which was their original choice for a main course.

Get Rid of Ted first and then ask Heck to come back. There are multiple ways to do that. Once you have completed the tasks, head back to report “Mortimer”.He says he can’t be sure to till the banquet tonight. So you are free till it’s over. In the morning you can meet Marjorie and she will agree.

You can head back to Caesar to inform the results. Again, the side Quest Beyond the Beef’s can effect the outcome a lot but the bottom line is that if you want to ally with them, you will have to finish it positively.

He next asks you to destroy the “Brotherhood of Steel”. You can enter the facility and choose the hard way (i.e killing everyone) or you can choose the wise way like we chose during Quests with Mr. House (The House Always Wins V). You can’t be diplomatic here as you can’t ally with the Brotherhood and Caesar at the same time so killing them is your only options.

When you come back to report Caesar then you will come to know about the problem with Caesar( his brain) which will begin the next Quest. Meanwhile you are also told by the Facto leader of the Leigon now that it is the right time to kill NCR’s president who is coming to California for a speech. This concludes this long tiring Quest.

El Tumor, Brute? (Caesar’s Legion)
In this act, your primary goal wil be to find the cure for Caesar’s ilness. You can tell him that either it was the Tumor or some other disorder. When you are idulged in talk with Caesar, you act as his physician.

He wants you to diagnose this and tells you that the diagnostic tool is missing from the equipment. Now you can choose different answers and your objectives will be decided accordingly, like if you choose to find Doctor’ bag and Surgical tools, you don’t need to search for the Scanning module.

Head to the New Vegas Medical clinic for the Surgical parts. Ask them from the Doctor and somehow your talk goes wrong and you kill her, there is an alternative that you can take the tools from the first aid kit outside the first operation theater of the clinic. If you don’t choose to find the auto docs then getting the Doctor’s bag is necessary for you.

You can have it from the same location i.e from the Medical Clinic if it hasn’t been stolen already from there. And if you have failed Medicine or Speech Check, then Scanning Module is Mandatory for you. Head to the Desert and to the Vault where you will find some Golden Geckos as resistance against your objective.

Take care of them and enter the Vault. Now when you have reached a hallway with a leaky pipe, you need to swim down near the leaky pipe and find the password from the Technician.

Head to the door near the Reactor room to enter the Utility room. Activate the pump station with the help of acquired password. This will drain water from the area. Enter the First floor and enter the door which says “Security Station A”. Take the Auto doc and return to Caesar’s auto-doc for the installation of this tool. When you return to the Fort, you find that Lucius has taken control of the Legion. You can ask him various questions and then get ready for the surgery.

Here you can save Caesar, or kill him thinking that he has annoyed you a lot. Later options is suggested only if you have enough skills to face the music. Operations success depends upon you luck level which should be more than 9 to save his life. Once you have save his life, he takes the control back and you are done with this Quest.

And if Caesar somehow dies the the acting leader will blame you for his death and you will be attacked by them. And if you survive the attack, you can head to Yes man for the Independent Quest options. Your next Job (as informed by Lucius) will be to take care of President Kimball and complete the Quest named “Arizona Killer” which will be discussed later on. Now we are moving to the Quests with NCR (CA. Republic).

Arizona Killer (Caesar’s Legions)
This will be your final Quest with Caesar which is execute the President of new California. President will be heavily guarded by NCR so you need to take him out wisely. There are multiple ways to do that.

You will meet up with a guy named Cato who will ultimately tell you that he has a bomb that can be placed in President’s Chopper. If you agree with his plan than you should have C4 explosives which can be found on NCR check point to the west of Nelson.

So you can either blow away President’s chopper with bomb or you can use C4 explosives to detonate Watson’s helmet who is supposed to receive an award from the President. Whatever way you choose, any civilian turbulence or any suspect on you can lead to disorder and sever hostile condition failing the Quest.

If you want to take his head off, you can use a Sniper Rifle and shoot hi from distance while he is delivering his Speech. So the choice is yours but make sure that President Does not leave alive.

Things that Go BOOM (NCR)
Here you need to meet Ambassador Crocker at the NCR Embassy. Making long things short, like before your reputation should sufficient enough to being approved by the Guards at North strip (2000 Caps are required). You can complete the side quests to help your cause.

Also meet Ralph and ask him to make a passport for you. After completing the The House Always Win I (The main Quest with Mr. House), you will be confronted by first NCR representatives with a massage from Crocker that you should meet him at the Embassy. So head to meet him there.

Once you are there, discuss about the current situation and what you think about the dangers faced by NCR currently by the other groups.

He asks you his first task that is to side with Boomers. It’s true that each group has their own objectives for Boomers, but siding with them is your best shot in each case. Now don’t tell me that you don’t know how to side with them as we have discussed the Side Quest Volare above twice atleast.

But just summarizing things, you need to complete side Quest Volare in order to win there support. You can do it before or after meeting Crocker or any other group. Then you Mother Pearl for support. Remember that destroying Boomers is always an option for you once you have attained Idolized status with them.

This options is not recommended as Crocker wants Boomers allied and alive, no dead. Once you are done with Boomers, head back to NCR Embassy and report to Crocker about your acts. If you have already killed Boomers before you met Crocker, you can still continue with NCR (although he will not be happy much).

King’s Gambit (NCR)
This Quest will begin only when you either completed the side Quest Volare or failed it. You can ask about this Quest’s possibilities by talking to a drunken man named Rotface.

Obviously you will have to bribe him for all the details. Whatever path you choose, all paths lead to one path that is to Visit King’s School of Impersonation. Now if you want to locate Pacer’s room, you don’t need to speak with Pacer. Sneak into King’s impersonation and Head to the Pacer’s room and explore his Jet stash under the bed.

Now you can kill Pacer in 2 ways, either making Graff’s responsible for the death or kill him yourself. In both cases, it should not look like that NCR are involved in it. The second method is relatively easier by shooting him with the Plasma weapon at the entrance of Silver Rush.

You can also take advantage of Pacer’s love of jet. Head to Old Mormon Fort and don’t talk to anyone there. Head west and locate the Doctor’s Surgery room. Find Pacer’s life from the filing cabinet .

You will have all the info you need on him.Now head to Pacer’s room and Change his stash with a Psycho dose which will knock Pacer down when he uses his stash. Take his key.

Now you should speak with the king and ask him to not to tyrannize NCR citizens. If you want the King to change his mind then obviously need to do something for him so that he can listen to your request.

You can complete the side Quest G.I blues to win his support. Once you are done patching things up for the king, ask him for the favor and he agrees to stop the violence on NCR people. On returning to NCR, tell Crocker that King will not deal with NCR. You need to make diplomatic decision here.

Crocker has another plan and he asks to talk with Clonel Moore at Hoover dams or Colonel Hsu (optional) at in camp McCarran for further instructions regarding the situation at Freeside. Now after speaking with the Colonels, head to the King for a peaceful solution or wiping them out.

If you choose to be peaceful, Pacer will interfare and try to destroy the peace by opening fire, you should silent him before conditions go worst.

Report back to Crocker and he will be pleased with the positive results of the Quest (unless Pacer’s death has been attributed to NCR) and will award you some caps. This raps up this main Quest.

You will receive a message from Colonel Moore saying that she want’s to meet you. This will begin your next Quest, “For the Republic part 2”.

For the Republic Part 2 (NCR)
Crocker asks you to visit Colonel Moore. This Quest mainly includes how you deal with other small groups and the big dogs like Mr. House. So most of the part has already been discussed in the Campaign with Caesar.

Head to the Hoover Dam and meet Colonel Moore who already acknowledges you for your efforts and ask you about the real task. fir she asks you to take care of the “Great Khans”. They should be in the state to fight against NCR. You can, as like before change your mind and ally with them instead of killing them.

Talk to Papa Khan who is already allied with Caesar’s Legion and then with Regis who is thinking to change the alliance. She asks you for more fodder cannon against NCR in the final battle and gives you Locksmith’s reader for easy access to Papa Khan’s bedroom.

Eliminate Khan from the scene and return to Regis who now agrees to help you in the final battle. Return to Moore and tell her about their alliance with Khan. Or you can adopt the other way that is you can eliminate them. Moore will be pleased to hear that you have destroyed them. So the decision is yours whether to ally with them or destroy them.

Next you are supposed to know about the secret meetings held by Omertas and investigate whether they are nay threat to NCR in the future. Liza will tell you that Gomorrah owes some info to NCR about the Omertas. Go and collect that information. You need to complete the side Quest “How little we know” already discussed before to associate with Omertas.

If you choose to kill the Omertas leaders (which is not recommended), it will lead Omertas hostility and instability at the “Strip”. So whatever you do with them, report back to Moore and your progress with NCR will continue.

Next you are asked to take care of Mr. House. Again accessing off limit areas of Lucky 38 is not straight forward. You need Platinum chip (you had it from Benny) and VIP card to cut off Mr. House (either kill him or silent him permanently). After taking care of Mr. House, come back to Dam and tell Moore that you have successfully dealt with Moore.

She will be pleased and then comes your next assignment. She asks you to take care of Brotherhood of steel who have a bunker containing a reactor that can prove dangerous to NCR. So you need to eliminate the threat. you can destroy the bunker in both the brutal way or the cunning way.

When you enter the facility Ramon will stop you, you can choose to kill him which will indulge you into long fight ending with the total destruction of the Brotherhood or alternatively you can choose the peaceful approach and activate the self destruct command from the main panel.

In order to activate the command, you will need three keycards from three members of the Brotherhood. Use these cards to self destruct the Brotherhood. You can choose the other option which is always there that is to ally with the Brotherhood. To do that you need to complete side Quest ‘Still in the Dark”.

Report back to Moore and you will find her thinking about the security of President Kimball. She asks you to meet Ranger Grant who is in charge of the security of the President. You need to protect the President to make Moore happy (which is the Main Quest “You will know When it Happen”).

Once President Kimball is safely away( You will have to deactivate 2 bombs and take down the Snipers to provide him safety) or he is dead either way, this will conclude Act II with NCR for you.

This is the final act of the game and will involve the final battles at the Hoover Dam for which you have been preparing for in Act II with different alliance. Let’s Begin assuming that you have been siding Yes man (Independent) First.

No gods, No Masters (Independent)
Yes man tells you that now the final battle is upon you and you can approach it in 2 ways, either you can activate the Securitron Army which you left on Standby (If you did not decide to destroy it) or you can destroy the generators at Hoover dam which will make the area useless for NCR and they will be forced to leave it ultimately. If you have destroyed the Securitron army then the second approach is your only option here.

Before you decide, he asks you to install the override chip in Hoover Dam’s Control room. You need to escort your Securitron army which is under attack by the Legion. Here is the point where your secondary allies like Khans and Boomers etc will help you out.

Using there help pass the first guard tower and then reach to the second one and then enter the doors.Use the elevator to reach the Hover Dam offices.

Head to the control room. Two NCR guards will not allow you to enter the room. You can either tell them the Colonel Moore is in trouble or you can choose the hard way by gunning them down. Access the control and install the chip. On activating the chip, you will be asked whether you want to power up Securitrons or destroy the generators.

So if you haven’t chose to manipulate the Securitron army, you can only choose to destroy the Hoover Dam generators. Now leave the room and head to the generators location to watch them blast away. You will face Legion’s resistance which you need to take care of.
If NCR hasn’t attacked you yet, they will certainly do after the generators explode.

Back to the Dam bridge, and now you need to head to the Legate’s camp and deal with Legates and Legion. Legion’s men will attack you wave after wave and enemies will go on tougher as you head close to the camp. If you have the Securitron army then just watch them fight for you or if not then fight your own way to the camp (which obviously is gig to be difficult).

You can sneak through the guard or just take him down. Enter the camp and take care of any Legion’s forces and the hounds if any found.

Head to the Legate tent where Legate Lanius has been waiting for you. Now here you have two main options too, either engage him direct into the battle or you can do the talking which can be troublesome as he can flame anytime and begin the attack.

There are several possible outcomes like you can make him retreat (he will blame Caesar for everything) or you can offer him a duel to settle the conflict. There can be 5 possible conclusions of Legate during the debate. And if you have decided to take him on your own then you must know that he is not an enemy that can be taken down easily.

Your best shot of defeating him is to cripple him to ground and then kill him. He is a strong foe with two guards fighting along him. Take out the guards first to make things easy for you.

Now your next task is to take care of General Oliver and NCR Rangers. He won’t be much keen to stand against your 10 feet long robots. You can offer him to stand down or just rip him and his fellows apart. Yes man will appear and will congratulate you on your victory.

He will be offline for some time and meanwhile your Securitron army will protect New Vegas from any instability. So being sided with Yes man, this is your end of the game.

All or Nothing (Mr. House)
Assuming that you chose to side with Mr. House, you will be told about the final battle at the Dam and he will ask you to insert the override chip at the control room to awake the Securitron army. Since this is your final Quest, you may want to apply all your skill points left to upgrade your weaponry.

Just like in No gods, No Masters, head to the control room taking care of all the resistance you face. Activate your army (the only difference here will be that instead of Yes man’s face, you will see Mr. House’s face on the monitors).

After re-routing the power to the Fort, you are ready to head to Legate’s camp for negotiation or annihilation. Your options are same they were in Yes man’s case. After dealing with (killing or making him retreat) Legate, it’s time for General Oliver and his fellows turn. Warn him about your strengths and he will step back.

Obviously you can also easily crush his remnants if you want. Guess what? you are done with your job and you will see a happy face of Mr. House congratulating you on your success. Vegas has restored it’s legacy and looking good once again. This also concludes the game for you.

Veni, Vedi, Veci (Caesar’s Legion)
Now if you have been working with Caesar then you will be asked to crush General Oliver to silent NCR. If Caesar is dead, Lanius will give you the briefings.

Let the war begin then by heading to Dam’s entrance. You need to be wise here and use your weaponry carefully and safe the heavy weapons for later use. Take down the NCR resistance and reach the Hoover Dam’s checkpoint.

If Boomers are your allies, they will help you from here in your goal. At the checkpoint you will meet one of the Legion’s men who will ask you take care of the snipers standing ahead. You can take down the snipers for him which is your optional task.

Anyway, now you need to enter the Legion reinforcement through the maintanance hatch. Take care of the little resistance offered by NCR rangers and open the hatch for them.

You can instruct the reinforcements to guard the area being undivided or you can send them to attack the power plant while you rap things up here.

The decanus (who cam with the reinforcements) also asks you to take down the snipers. If you are finding it hard to take down the snipers then you can use a relatively safe strategy and take them out using the sniper from distance.

You can use the Vertipad roof to have a good view of the area. If you have made a successful alliance with the Great Khans, they will appear on the scene and help you out with their cannons.

Since your ultimate goal is take down General Oliver, you should not indulge into fights you can easily avoid. Leave most of the part to Legions’ soldiers and be stealthy towards your destination. You can either take the direct rout to Oliver or you can choose a shortcut outside.

The direct way is through 4 power plants and you will have to face heavy NCR resistance. For lesser resistance you can choose the lower levels of each power plant. These power plants will ultimately lead you to Oliver’s compound through double blast doors.

Or you can come to surface when at power plant 2, look for the door to the exterior section of the dam that will ultimately lead you to the basement of Power plant number 4. Head to Oliver’s compound through the double blast door.

Drinking water from the basement valves of power plants can be a good option as you can feel thirsty during the combat. When you meet General Lee Oliver, you should convince him to retreat by telling him that it is his duty to save his men.

He agrees and leave the Dam. If this does not go smooth you have your other option. Return to Legate and report him that Oliver has been taken care off .

Head back to the dam and you will find NCR retreating and Legate will take over the control which also indicate your victory. This concludes your Quests with Caesar’s Legion.

Eureka (NCR)
Now what if you are with NCR? Obviously you are to guard the Hoover’s Dam from other forces and take the fight to them. Meet up with General Oliver in his compound.

Oliver want’s to commence an attack on the Fort to finish off the Legion. But before you attack, you need to guard you own boundaries attacked by Legate’s camp. Destroy the Legate’s camp to stop the attacks.

Oliver closes entrance to his compound and you are left on the south end of the power plant 4. Deep inside the Hoover dam, you will meet Mike Lawson who is an engineer and informs you about the entering forces of Legion through the tunnels.

He also presents you a solution to take care of them by diverting the water flow to them. Your goal now is to make it topside and get out onto the top of Hoover Dam.

You have three routes (directly through power plants, through the basement area for lesser resistance and then is the same shortcut from outside) to reach the visiting center.

You can follow Lawson’s advice and divert the water path to decrease the intensity of attack (that is optional ofcourse). Then you will notice that the Dam is under attack.

Head to the Dam’s checkpoint. Here your allies (if you made any) Boomers and Khans will help you to defend your area. Silently, leaving the battle between NCR and Legion head to the Checkpoint building and search for the Generator diagonisitic program and run it.

Use the remote explosives to cause the generators to explode. Leave through the eastern door and you will meet NCR rangers thanking you for your support.

Now you need to head to Legate’s camp. You can use the Rangers in different ways. It’s best that you ask them to attack Legate’s camp to make things easy for you. Head to the camp and knock out the guard there. Take care of Legion’s soldiers and the hounds (if any) before you encounter your ultimate foe.

This also leads to the same process, your long debate with Legate and his conclusions or you can directly engage him in battle and finish hi off. Report to General Oliver and take care of the remnants left of Legion’s forces.

Oliver will be more than happy to see you alive and thanks you for your valiant efforts. You have saved NCR from Annihilation and this will conclude your Quests with NCR ending the game.

Note. Once you have completed your main Quests (with any of the Groups), you wont be able to complete any other task or side quests in the game.

This marks the end of the game and concludes our walkthrough. For more help on Fallout New Vegas, read our perks and tweak guide.

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