Fallout 76 Wastelanders Overseer Overseen Walkthrough

The Fallout 76 Wastelanders Overseer Overseen quest is centered around finding out about Vault 79 and the treasures in it. To help you find out exactly what’s hiding behind Vault 79 in the DLC, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through each step of the Overseer, Overseen quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Overseer Overseen

Start off this mission by entering the Vault-Tec University and meet up with the Overseer. Keep in mind that you need to finish the Here to Stay mission first before you can do this one.

The Overseer will be in the first room to your right when you go up the stairs. After talking to her, talk to Professor Bot.

Ask him why the Overseer doesn’t have access there and after some talk, he’ll tell you that there is a way to gain access, which is by you taking the exam.

Talk to the Security Chief
Exit the room and head down the corridor, then down the hole in the ground. Go through the door here and run straight to the right.

Go down the stairs and talk to the Security Chief to start your exam. Ask for the situation report and he’ll give you the details about a murder. You now have to go and solve it.

Talk to Engineer Brass and Doctor Loris
Open the door on the other side of this room and head down the stairs. In this open area, walk down the left path and enter the first room to your left to find Doctor Loris.

Talk to him about his feud with Brass and then ask him what he would suggest you do. Instead of agreeing, tell him you’ll think about his strategy.

Now, go down the stairs and talk to Brass about the feud. Ask him if he suggests you should arrest Doctor Loris and then ask for his plan.

Get the Security Recordings and Deliver them
Brass’ plan is to get forge security recordings so he can ‘expose’ Doctor Loris. Go to the marked location and copy the security recordings from the terminal.

Bring them back to Brass and he’ll tell you to show them to Security Chief Robinson.

Bring them to the Chief and instead of telling him to arrest the Doctor, get Brass arrested for forging the tapes. Brass will get aggressive so you’ll have to take him and his fellow engineers down.

Talk to Professor Bot
Go back and talk to the Professor and he’ll now give you access to the restricted areas.

Search the Restricted Wing
Make your way to the marked location and activate the projector. It’ll show you a presentation about Vault 79.

Talk to the Overseer
Go back up and chat with the Overseer about your plans for a new economy using the gold in Vault 79. Suggest asking help from the Settlers and she’ll ask you to talk to both Meg and Paige.

Talk to Meg
Tell Meg about the treasure inside Vault 79. Tell her that you have the schematics and them toss them up on the board for her.

Tell her she’ll get her commission and after a quick chat, the ‘Overseer, Overseen’ quest will be completed.

The rewards for completing the Overseer, Overseen quest are:

  • Stimpak
  • (4) RadAway
  • (5) Purified Water
  • (21) Shotgun Shell
  • Sturdy Metal Left Leg
  • (3) Rad-X