Fallout 76 Wastelanders Duty Calls Walkthrough

This Fallout 76 walkthrough will cover the quest Duty Calls. During this Fallout 76 Wastelanders Duty Calls quest, you need...

This Fallout 76 walkthrough will cover the quest Duty Calls. During this Fallout 76 Wastelanders Duty Calls quest, you need to procure equipment needed to deal with the turrets that stand in the way of you furthering the overall mission.

You can start the Duty Calls quest in Wastelanders expansion after completing Invisible Ties.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Duty Calls

Raise The Flag
Fast Travel to Valley Galleria and raise the American Flag that the marker is pointing you to. Captain Fields will acknowledge your signal and tell you to make your way due North to meet with the specialists at the bunker. They will be downstairs.

Meet the Specialists
Talk to Captain Fields and he will tell you that you don’t have any special right to take the gold. The other specialists will vouch for you.

Sergeant Radcliff will then tell you to meet up with him at the RobCo Research Center to get the equipment needed to bust the turrets. The other two members will stay behind.

RobCo Research Center
Head to RobCo Research Center and enter the building. You will find Radcliff waiting for you inside. He will tell you that the military research projects are being kept in the back so you should head over there.

Make your way through the area and take down the Legendary Protectron Guardian that you will encounter, as well as its regular counterparts.

Keep going forward towards where the balcony is above and you and take the door on your right. This will take you to the Research Wing and it is marked by a corpse lying outside the door.

Find a Suitable Robobrain
Radcliff will comment on the project and point out that it needs a Robobrain. Search for information about the brain on the terminal and it will tell you that you can find a suitable one in the Facilities Wing.

Exit the room and run down the stairs. Head up straight to reach the room and then go through the door inside that heads right.

You will enter a room with Greg Goldstein’s brain. Grab it and leave.

Prep the Brain
You need to prep the brain so head to the Robobrain Assembly room. Place the brain in the brain jar placement. You will need to find some instructions to do this.

You have to figure out which number goes where by looking for clues around the room.

To make it easier on you, we’ve listed the settings below:

  • Temperature: 41 Degrees Celsius
  • Time: 3 seconds
  • pH value: 7

Activate the machine to prep the brain.

Find a Robobrain Dome
Once it is ready, head to the Facilities Wing and find a RoboBrain dome.

You will have to take down a bunch of Robot enemies in the stairway area first as your make your way upstairs. The brain can be found in an office desk on the second floor.

Plant The Brain/ Get The Tools
Once all this is done, head back to the robot and plant the RoboBrain. Greg will be activated and you can ask him to help you make tools to destroy the turrets.

Wait for him to build the tools as you take on hoards of Sentries and Protectron Guardians. Hold them off until he is done and then pick up the tools and return to Captain Fields back at the Bunker.

Return To The Bunker
Hand the tools to Fields and he will tell you that they’re packing up and heading to Foundation. Talk to Paige and he will tell you that they will wait on you build the team to be ready as they get to work.

This will complete the Duty Calls mission and reward you with:

  • Super Stimpak
  • .45 Rounds (37)
  • Assault ifle Stedfast Receive Plan
  • Anit-Armor Refined Old Guard’s 10mm SMG
  • 10mm Rounds (2)