Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: Who Sat Down Beside Her Walkthrough

To be able to recruit companions to your cause in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, you need to finish some Ally quests. This guide will focus on Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: Who Sat Down Beside Her quest to help you recruit Commander Daguerre.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: Who Sat Down Beside Her

First, you will have a dialogue with Commander Sofia Daguerre about Arachne while listening to the board members. The Commander will talk about Arachne and then a dialogue box will appear.

First, start with the second option on the dialogue box and then go for third dialogue. It can be a long dialogue with sofia (Commander) while the radio sound in the background.

It all depends on how much you flirt and talk to her. But in the end, get back to the main topic about Arachne.

Ask her about the last holotape and then ask her is she ok. Now is the time to get to your mission, tell her you will get back later and go out for your new quest “Who sat down beside her”.

Get out of the camp and open the map and you will see the new marker of retrieve the Arachne, which is near the uncanny caverns.


But you can only fast travel to Relay Tower DP-B5-21, so just do so. When you are at relay tower, start walking towards the uncanny caverns and you will see some huts down the mountain way, these are the uncanny caverns.

Get inside the cavern where it is opened, and start walking ahead on the way. Be cautious when you are walking on the wooden walkway as you will hear some voices of creatures as well.

First you will come across the Cave Cricket Piercer, it can be dangerous as it can take away much of your health, keep a distance and get rid of it.

When you get down from the wooden walkway, you will see Diseased Mirlurk Deep King, who is another dangerous creature.

We recommend that you take them by surprise and also try to keep a distance as they can be very dangerous, harvest them after killing as they will give a lot of loot. Then go straight as you will see a signboard with 1 written on it and another wooden walkway.

At the end of this walkway, you will see another deep king on your right side, get close to it and kill it and then go straight ahead, you will face another deep king on the same walkway.

You can search out the whole cave on your own to find out different goodies so definitely check the cave out as well.

Now where you killed this last deep king, turn to your right from there as you will see a signboard with 8 written on it. Here you will see a chair, a caretaker of the place (dead) and in a big steamer trunk to the left of this room you will find the Arachne.

After retrieving the Arachne, fast travel to the camp and you will see Emerson there as well. Interact with Commander Daguerre and tell her that you have Arachne.

Interact with Emerson and commander in dialogue and talk about ATHENA and Arachne and ask Emerson about coming back to Appalachia.

After a long dialogue, you will tell Emerson that it is Sofia’s choice to do whatever she wants with Arachne and after a couple of dialogues, the Ally: Who Sat Down Beside Her quest will be completed.