How to Get the Hellcat Power Armor in Fallout 76 Steel Reign

In this Fallout 76 guide, we will tell you how you can get the newly added Hellcat Power Armor introduced in the Steel Reign DLC .

Fallout 76 is still going on strong, with new content added to the game via the Steel Reign DLC. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get the newly added Hellcat Power Armor introduced in the Steel Reign DLC so that you can add it to your collection in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign Hellcat Power Armor

Hellcat Power Armor is easy to get in the game. To get the armor, players need to complete the entire Steel Reign DLC.

To start Steel Reign, you need to have completed the Steel Dawn, which is the previous Brotherhood of Steel questline which was released last year.

The Steel Reign questline is not that hard and doesn’t take a lot of your time, so it best to get on the game and get the armor as soon as possible. This questline begins with “The Knight’s Penance” quest and ends with “Catalyst” quest.

Once you have completed all the quests in Steel Reign, you will get the entire Hellcat Power Armor, as well as the ability to craft the entire set, piece by piece at any Power Armor Station.

Hellcat Power Armor Stats

Let us look at the stats of Hellcat Power Armor, to know what makes it good.

The Helmet and each piece of the armor on any of the limbs, that is the legs and arms, all of them have a damage resistance of 68, an energy resistance of 48 and radiation resistance of 48 as well.

For the torso of the Hellcat Power Armor, the damage resistance is 96, energy resistance is 80 and the radiation resistance is also 80.

As a whole, the Hellcat Power Armor has a Damage Resistance of 436, and Energy and Radiation Resistance of 320.

Other than these basic resistances, as of all armors, Hellcat Armor has a 42% damage reduction and a 90% Radiation Damage reduction as well.

In addition to these resistances, each piece of Hellcat Power Armor, except the Helmet, provides a bonus. The armor reduces incoming ballistic damage by 2%. So overall, the armor reduces incoming ballistic damage by 10%.

As for the helmet, it prevents damage and disease from airborne and waterborne hazards, allowing you more options to travel.


To be able to purchase mods for the Hellcat Power Armor, you need to have completed Wastelanders, and go to Vault 79 to purchase the plans with Gold Bullion from Regs.

There are multiple mods for Hellcat Power Armor. Here is a list of all the mods you can get for Hellcat Power Armor.

  • A Cooling Vent (200 Bullion): Reduces the depletion rate of any fusion cores powering the suit.
  • Motion-Assist Servos (200 Bullion): Boosts your strength so that you can carry more weight without becoming over-encumbered.
  • Blood Cleanser (1200 Bullion): Decreases your chance of getting addicted to drugs.
  • Calibrated Shocks (3000 Bullion): Increases your carry weight capacity.
  • Core Assembly (1200 Bullion): Increases your Action Point (AP) refresh speed, allowing you to sprint and use VATS more often.
  • Emergency Protocol (2000 Bullion): When you are below 20% health, your speed increases by 25% and incoming damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Hydraulic Braces (600 Bullion): Increases your unarmed damage.
  • Rusty Knuckles (600 Bullion): Unarmed attacks cause bleeding.
  • Tesla Bracers (1200 Bullion): Unarmed attacks cause energy damage.
  • Tesla Coils (300 Bullion): Causes energy damage to nearby opponents.
  • Internal Database (200 Bullion): Increases your base intelligence.
  • Jetpack (3000 Bullion): Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Kinetic Dynamo (1200 Bullion): Taking damage recharges your AP.
  • Kinetic Servos (1200 Bullion): Increases AP recharge speed while moving.
  • Medic Pump (600 Bullion): Automatically consumes a stimpack when your health is low.
  • Optimized Braces (200 Bullion): Reduces the AP expenditure associated with power attacks.
  • Optimized Servos (2000 Bullion): Reduces the AP expenditure associated with sprinting.
  • Overdrive Servos (2000 Bullion): Increases sprint speed at additional AP cost.
  • Reactive Plates (3000 Bullion): Reflects 50
  • 5 of incoming melee damage back onto the attacker.
  • Recon Sensors (600 Bullion): Aiming down the sights tags enemies onto your compass.
  • Sensor Array (200 Bullion): Increases your base perception.
  • Stealth Boy (3000 Bullion): Activates camouflage mode whilst you are crouched.
  • Targeting Hud (3000 Bullion): Visor highlights living targets.
  • VATS Matrix Overlay (200 Bullion): Increases VATS hit probability.


With the T65 in the game, Hellcat may seem like a stretch, but even with the higher overall damage resistance of T65, Hellcat’s ability to reduce 10% extra damage makes it very useful, and arguably better than T65.

Hellcat will shine when fighting against enemies who use armor piercing rounds, Armor Piercing rounds ignore the damage resistance of the armors, but the ballistic damage reduction will make them softer and easier to deal with.

This will make Hellcat Power Armor a must have for players in Decryption Daily Ops mode as most of the enemies there have Armor piercing rounds.

Other than that, the viability of the Armor completely depends on the users. Check it out yourself to know if it is worth the grind or not.

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