Fallout 76 Will Not Have A Season Pass or Paid DLC, Everything is Free

Pete Hines, Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks has revealed that there will be no season pass in Fallout 76, content will be free.

Fallout 76 is around the corner and there have been a lot of questions regarding the future content. For those who didn’t already know, Pete Hines confirmed once again that there will not be a season pass for Fallout 76.

Pete Hines, Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks, has told Official PlayStation Magazine that Bethesda will be offering free content to the players.

“There’s always going to be new content, changes in game balance, whatever it takes, and by the way, it’s all free after launch – all our content, there’s no season pass and no paid DLCs.

This also confirms that Fallout 76 will be filled with after release content so expect a lot of updates to happen. Now, this brings us to question that in order to deliver these free updates, Bethesda will have to rely on cosmetics microtransactions in the game.

It will be really interesting to see how Bethesda is going to handle their new take on the online gaming world and how will they keep us all entertained with Fallout 76. Microtransactions are expected to be added but more details about this topic will be shared close to the game’s release.

Bethesda is going to need some time to balance the game and for that, they are holding a number of Betas, from smaller to a bigger one. Fallout 76 Beta is scheduled to start in October and only a selected number of players will be a part of it. Once the beta goes live we will get more information about Bethesda’s monetization plans.

Bethesda is also going to be present at Gamescom 2018, where we will know about the game in detail and if you visit, you might also be able to play it.

Free DLC approach by Bethesda for Fallout 76 is going to play a huge role in the success of the game and it’ll guarantee the players to keep playing it without buying expensive downloadable content like in Call Of Duty games.

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