Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Faction Quests Guide

How to trigger Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries questline and complete Order of Mysteries Faction Quests to get Eye of Ra reward.

In this guide, we walk you through Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Faction Quests with directions on how to trigger the questline, complete all objectives and different ways to maximize rewards.

The first part of FO76 Order of Mysteries faction questline is the “Into the Mystery” quest.

Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Faction Quests

The quest starts after looting a corpse in Tygart Water treatment. Once the holotapes and other key items are looted, the player will be guided to the Riverside manor.

After exploring the manor and finding the study room in the second floor, access the terminal and go through all its logs.

After doing so, follow the updated quest marker and equip the worn veil that you got from the corpse at Tygart. Open the hidden entrance found by searching the front wall of the parlor and go in to finish and proceed to the next part of this questline.

The next part of the questline is the “Initiate of Mysteries” quest which gets triggered by logging in to the Cryptos terminal and registering yourself to the order. After receiving your next objective, head to Lewisberg to find Natasha Hunt.

After finding her, dead, unfortunately. Loot her corpse and pick up her ID. Head back to Riverside and use her ID to log into the Cryptos terminal and use Hunt’s administrative rights to give yourself a promotion. Ending this part of the questline.

The next quest, Novice of mysteries, is a three-part mission which focuses on officiating your inclusion to the group.

This is done by forging the Blade of Bastet, Voice of Set and the Phantom Device. Bringing these back to Cryptos after completing their individual paths finishes this quest.

The next quest, The Seeker of Mysteries, takes the player to the Pleasant Valley Ski resort. Here, the character follows several clues and data logs to figure out what happened between the raiders of the area and the order of mysteries themselves.

The markers lead the player to Brody’s room, which can be accessed by either picking the lock, or finding the key through some info from a terminal.

Once inside, the terminal you need to access is done by either hacking into it or finding the password in a footlocker nearby. Read through all his entries after gaining access to finish the mission.

The Mistress of Mystery mission is activated by going to the Riverside manor after the Seeker of mysteries quest.

The player will then access the Cryptos terminal and use Olivia Rivers’ ID to do so. After gaining access, they will head up the west steps and use the hand scanner to gain access to the headmistress’ office.

Accessing her terminal and going through the entries will update your quest with it’s next objective.

The location of a meeting spot will be revealed by the entries in the terminal somewhere at the Top of the World location, which can be fast traveled close to by going to the Ski resort.

Find the corpses of Shannon and Olivia Rivers once at the meeting spot, and loot key items from their bodies.

After taking the administrative ID, head back to the manor and access Cryptos to promote yourself to the highest title in the order. Which wraps up the Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries questline.

Throughout the questline, the player will obtain important key items like the Blade of Bastet or the voice of set, along with gear associated to the mysterious faction.

The end quest rewards include the Eye of Ra and a photoframe of the mistress. Rest being regular rewards like loot, ammo and aid items.

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