Fallout 76 Nuclear Strikes Guide

In our Fallout 76 Nukes Guide, we have detailed everything about launching Nuclear Strikes in FO76, finding launch codes, and avoiding nuclear strikes.

Although a nuclear war has leveled settlements to ash and has created all sorts of radioactive animals and environments in its wake. However, that isn’t the end of the destruction that nuclear warheads can bring. Thanks to multiple nuclear sites on the map, players can do much more damage than just bullets. Find out more about triggering and defending against Fallout 76 Nuclear Strikes.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Strikes

As teased at E3 2018, players can team up to find nuclear launch codes through a series of clues from the environment to find the silos and activate them.

We used “team up” instead of solo since usually these codes will be guarded heavily by high-level monsters like Scorchbeast.

More so, since many players will form teams to easy up the whole procedure, a lone player may be given a tough time against groups with similar interest in mind. That said, if you’re still up for the challenge of being the one-man-army, be our guest!

After collecting the clues and deciphering the nuke codes, you’ll need to approach one of the nuclear facilities to get the missiles up and running. Again, these are perilous grounds which will pose many threats in the form of dangerous and tough enemies, both players and AI.

It should be noted that you can only target specific regions of the map rather than individual foes or your arch nemeses or rival groups.

Keep in mind, that in order to access the mainframe and start the nuke launch sequence, you must have general rank and for that you have to complete ‘Officer on Deck’ quest.

Keycard and Silo Codes
For one missile Silo, you need one Nuclear keycard and eight digit silo codes. Also, there are a total of three missile silos, named Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. You will use Nuclear Keycards when you have a successful missile launch while silo codes change on weekly basis.

For Nuclear Keycard, you simply need to check the map for cargobots and shoot one down to acquire one keycard. For silo codes, as they expire every week, you have to do the same activity detailed below every week to get unique silo codes.

There are 8 keywords in the code, so you need to get 8 digits doing the activity 8 times. Go to the marked area on map and look for Ghoul officer as he will be carrying a transponder.

After decrypting the code, go to the missile silo and do remember that you have to be at general rank for this.

After getting to silo, scan handprint and then go to security terminal to make biometric ID. For that, go to biometric ID making machine and scan the biometric data ta scanner and loot an old biometric ID to make a new one.

Now you have to repair power system where you will have to point out all the gas leaking pipes while robots will be attacking you. Then get to the main terminal and turn off the reactor.

First destroy all the mainframe cores to turn off laser grids and then go to the next area, which also has a workbench.

Now interact with the terminal and you will have to replace those mainframe cores, so get those cores out and repair them.

In the launch area, you can also interact with security terminal and using level 3 hacking, you can program machine guns to take down those robots coming at you. Then interact with main terminal and start the launch prep.

Now there will be some chiefs spawning for the repair process and you will have to defend them. After the repair process is done, it is the time to enter the nuclear keycard and then launch code to the keypad on your right.

Now in the middle screen, you will get to choose the area you want to nuke and then you will get 3 minutes to get out and see the boom yourself.

Why Launch Nuclear Strikes?

Well, the first reason is obviously clear. You’ve got some sort of contempt or rivalry with another group and you want to rain havoc onto them. Sure, you can go guns blazing but it wouldn’t make such an impact as a mini-nuclear bomb would.

Not only will you turn your rivals into corpses but completely demolish and rend their camps, including every resource they’ve gathered, useless. Do note that the camp destruction is only temporary and it can be rebuilt, so yea, it’s not a total waste.

The second reason is in the vein of a more political reason than a personal war. Once you target a certain area of the map to be bombed, the particular spot will remain irradiated or radioactive for four in-game hours.

During this time, although there will be creatures looming around, should your team have the courage, they can obtain valuable and rare resources.

Just make sure you’re stepping into this radioactive region all suited up with the Power Armor that boosts resistance to just toxic and irradiated items.

The last reason is what Joker would share some relation to launching a nuclear strike just to see the world burn! Yes, that totally happens.

Entire structures and landscapes change in appearance and properties should a nuclear strike hit with full devastating force.

Although, after four hours, the land will return to what it was before the strike, there’s still some nuisance during that time in terms of players swarming the area for resources.

Avoiding Nuclear Strikes

Thankfully, whenever a nuclear strike’s heading your way, you get a warning message three minutes before the strike lands and the mushroom cloud forms.

During this time, you can pack-up your base, quickly evacuate the area and move to a safer one.

Even if you got a bit lazy or panicked a little too much to get hit by the bomb before packing up, your life’s work of scavenging resources for your base isn’t lost. You can right after, rebuild your C.A.M.P. at another spot.

Therefore, the camp’s back but what about your pride? Yep, only one way to solve it, launch a nuclear strike of your own! Better hurry and search for those codes, eh?

Current Nuke Codes

As the community is very keen on this end-game activity, the online fanbase of Fallout 76 is often quick to collect and decipher the nuclear codes for your liking. These codes reset every week so keep checking this page for an updated version of the nuke codes. May 27- June 03 codes are listed below:

  1. Alpha: 2463528
  2. Bravo: 25029246
  3. Charlie: 08820735
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