Fallout 76 Mutations Guide – How to Get Mutated, Best Mutations, Mutation Effects

In our Fallout 76 Mutations Guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about undergoing mutations, their effects, and the best/worst mutations.

Ready to maximize on your Crit. Damage? Perhaps, you’d want to turn invisible? Mutations cannot always be bad, you know. Let’s take a look at all the benefits and disadvantages that the Mutations in Fallout 76 hold for the player in the Wasteland.

Fallout 76 Mutations

Similar to how traits in Fallout: New Vegas worked, FO76 Mutations are Special Perks with their own positive and negative effects.

These are found in the environment with the likes of radioactive areas, special fluids, and after being attacked by certain creatures or standing next to some radioactive waste, radiated creatures or anything particular with radiations. Mutations will only be active for a certain amount of time.

However, they can be made permanent with the *Starched Genes Perk Card*. To cure Mutations, make sure you’ve not activated the Starched Genes Perk. Once done, simply use MadAway.

You can also avoid Mutations in the first place by wearing protective gear like Gas Mask, Hazmat Suit, or simply by avoiding direct confrontations with beasts, you don’t know a whole lot about.

Below, you may find each Mutation in Fallout 76 along with their respective positive and negative effects:


Mutations Positive Effects Negative Effects
Adrenal Reaction Additional damage from firearms at low health. 50 points of HP deducted from max health.
Bird Bones +4 Intelligence and you fall slower from great heights. -4 Strength
Carnivore Meat provides twice as much benefit and no disease can be contracted. Vegetables won’t be edible for the character.
Chameleon Become invisible while you’re stationary without a weapon. So a crouched, unarmored, or standing stance, all work. N/A
Eagle Eyes Critical Damage increased by 25%, +4 Perception -4 Strength
Egg Head Intelligence +6 Strength -3, Endurance -3
Empath Damage taken by teammates reduced by 25% Damage taken by player increased by 33%
Electrically Charged Shock damage inflicted from melee weapons like wrench, pick axe, and machete. N/A
Grounded +100 resistance to Energy Energy damage that’s inflicted reduced by 20%
Healing Factor Health Regeneration increased by 300% Chem Effects effectiveness reduced by 55%
Herbivore Vegetables provide twice as much benefit and no disease can be contracted. Meat products won’t be edible for the character.
Herd Mentality +2 Intelligence when in a group -2 Intelligence when playing solo
Marsupial Weight capacity increased by 20 and maximum jump height also increased -4 Intelligence
Plague Walker Poison aura increased and scales with your disease N/A
Scaly Skin +50 Damage resistance as well as Energy Resistance -25 Action Points in combat
Speed Demon +20 movement speed as well as quicker reloads N/A
Talons Damage from fists and punches increased by 25% and bleeding status is added to these bare-fisted moves. -4 Agility
Twisted Muscles Melee damage increased by 25% along with better chance to cripple limbs Accuracy of firearms reduced by 50%
Unstable Isotope Radiation damage inflicted from melee weapons like wrench, pick axe, and machete. N/A


These are all the FO76 Mutations you can find in the game. We will continue to add more info in the coming days. Stay-tuned!

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