Fallout 76 Multiplayer is a New and Scary Departure from the Fallout Series, Says Pete Hines

Pete Hines says that Fallout 76 Multiplayer is a new, exciting but scary departure from the Fallout series. Though, It’s still a Fallout world.

Fallout series is going into a brand new direction this year with Fallout 76 Multiplayer and according to Pete Hines, it’s an exciting and scary departure from the series.

Fallout 76 Multiplayer is completely different as compared to the previous games in the Fallout series. It’s a game based on the online multiplayer and something which Bethesda is not known for.

It’s not a surprise that it’s a brand new experience for the team and now the studio has revealed that they are looking at it as an opportunity.

Yes, it’s a departure and it’s new and scary. But it’s an opportunity to have people share experiences that they’ve always wanted but have never been able to before.

But don’t worry as it’s still going to be a part of the Fallout world. Though, there will be new things to do in the game which were not ever possible before. Having a shared world is the biggest feature for Bethesda when it comes to an online game.

Pete then assured all the fans by saying that it’s going to feel like traditional Fallout titles but it’s to be full of changes as it’s a different kind of game.

For instance, the tone, the vibe, look, and feel of the world can go a long way to give you a sense of familiarity to sort of wrap your head around things,” he says; “It’s still a Fallout world, even though these things are different. But yeah, this is a really scary and different thing to be a part of. We are fully aware of that. We are making changes and making a different kind of game, but it’s one that we are excited to try and see what it can turn into.

There a lot of expectations from Fallout 76 and we can’t wait to try it out when it launches next month. Though those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to play its beta later this month.

Recently, a stress test of the game took place and according to the reports, Fallout 76 graphics on Xbox One X are a downgrade as compared to Fallout 4.

If you are a part of the stress test then avoid uploading anything related to the game on the internet as Bethesda has recently banned a player.


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