Modders Are Already Excited About Making Fallout 76 Mods

Fallout 76 Mods have been officially confirmed by Bethesda in the past but it seems like some modders couldn’t wait for it. Early participants of Beta have already modded the game and made changes to it.

A famous modding site called Nexus Mods currently has more than 13 cosmetic mods available. These mods do a lot of different things like changing your hair color, Vault jumpsuit color dyes, changing the layout of the in-game map and many more.

Bethesda is most likely to remove these mods when the game launches so you better try these as soon as possible. As for mods, hair color spray mod seems to be the most favorite at the moment as it unlocks so many new and different options for you. According to its creator, it’s a texture override to make hair look less terrible. This mod makes all the colors more vivid and vibrant.

Mods in Fallout 4 were already a thing but it’s a totally different case in Fallout 76 as it’s an online only game. These mods can take away the fun from some people without their permission and give one player an advantage over another. That’s why mods shouldn’t be allowed in the game but as you already know Bethesda is interested in bringing them to the game next year.

Bethesda will bring mods through private servers which are not going to be available till November 2019.

Bethesda should and will most probably shut down all of the mods as it can turn out to be a big problem in the future.

In other news, players of the game are already complaining about the storage. The game consists of a stash to store their belongings and it has a limit of 400 pounds. It might seem enough but most of the players are already requesting the developers to increase it.

Built-in speed hack is still a thing in the upcoming online Fallout game. If you unlock the framerate, your speed within the game will increase and give you an advantage over the players with limited frame rate access.

It was an issue with Fallout 4 but it didn’t seem that bad as it was a single player game. It’s disappointing to see that Bethesda hasn’t fixed it yet.

Fallout 76 will release on November 14, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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