Fallout 76 Keys Locations Guide – All Locked Door and Safe Keys

Our Fallout 76 Keys Locations Guide will help you find all the locked door keys that you can find in FO76's Wasteland to acquire the rewards inside.

Want no door to stay locked in your vision? Want to see everything? Fear not for this Fallout 76 Keys Locations Guide is here to help you locate all the locked door keys in the game.

Fallout 76 Keys Locations

Fallout 76 is a big open-world game. Of course, not everything is unlocked from the start. You will need to get a kick many doors and collect a lot of stuff to unlock everything this huge game has to offer.

One of the things you may need to unlock further things is locked door keys. Keys are special items in FO76 that can be used to open specific doors.

For example, the “Principal’s Office Key‎” can be used to open the Principal’s office. Of course, collecting these keys may not be easy and will take quite a lot of effort to get. We will make sure to help you guys ensure that your effort counts.

1. Horizon’s Rest Armory Key

The Horizon’s Rest Armory Key can be used to open the armory AKA the door in the lowest shack on the tower in Horizon’s Rest.

You can find the key in the middle shack of the tower. Once you climb up there, enter the room with the bed and you will find a key hidden beneath a flowerpot beside the bed.

2. Horizon’s Rest Jail Cell Key

The Jail Cell Key can be used to unlock the jail cell in the Horizon’s Rest Tower. The door this key is to be used on must be located on a shack on the cliff.

You can find the key on the highest shack near the tower. Once you climb up to the highest point, you might notice a locked safe too. The key will be located next to it.

3. Principal’s Office Key

We all hate the Principal. He is such a jerk, right? Well, now you can enter his office and wreak havoc while he is away. The Principal’s Office Key will help you enter this stairway to heaven.

The principal hid his office’s key in the bathrooms attached to the gymnasium, in the locker at the end corner.

4. Principal’s Safe Key

Of course, you can find the Principal’s *hidden magazine collection* too. He has some of them hidden in his safe. You might need a key for that. The safe should be hidden somewhere behind a shelf in the office.

You can find the Principal’s Special Safe’s Key on top of a table in the same office.

5. Responders Bravo Station Key

The second safe in the Bravo Station is locked. You may need a key to unlock it. Fear not! The SN heroes have got you covered! The key can be found on one of the Responders: “Rocky”. Spoilers alert: he’s rip.

6. Sunnytop Ski Lanes Room 6 Key

Something is ominous about Room 6. I mean, all the other rooms’ keys are used, but the Room 6’s key can be seen hanging behind the reception desk. It is time for you to inhabit the room and find its secrets.

Head behind the reception desk on Sunnytop Ski Lanes and you will find the key hanging on the wall.

7. East Bridge Key

Know where the East Bridge’s Key may be? Someone needs to clean the sewers. Maybe you could find the key and clean the sewers for us? The key should be somewhere on the New River Gorge Bridge, on the catwalks.

8. West Bridge Key

The West Bridge’s Key can be found in Camden Park, in one of the roller coaster cars. The key should be hidden in one of the backpacks on a car.

Pick it and you will be able to use this key below New River Gorge Bridge – West, on the access door that can be found by the catwalk.

9. Loading Dock Storage Key

The warehouse building in the Loading Docks has a storage at the back. It may contain useful stuff. You can find the key behind the chained door in the office building of the National Isolated Radio Array.

10. Safe Key

The safe at the top of North Kanawha lookout is locked. You can find the key on top of a port-a-potty (a pocket toilet) to the west of the tower. Find it and the safe is yours to raid.

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