Fallout 76 Diseases Guide

In our Fallout 76 Diseases Guide, we have detailed all about different ailments you can get in FO76 and how to avoid them.

There are no doctors in Fallout 76 so contracting diseases could be troublesome. All of these come with their own negative effects. With that said, there are some alternative ways to avoid and cure to these Fallout 76 diseases.

Fallout 76 Diseases

With a rough climate and living conditions, surviving in the world of Fallout 76 is always a challenge. It doesn’t help when exploring the environment occasionally leads to some frustrating diseases and status effects.

Similar to how Mutations work, diseases are special conditions that last over a period of time and can take up to 60 minutes. Diseases are contracted a number of ways similar to how FO76 Mutations arise:

  • Consuming contaminated food and drinks, or raw meat.
  • Resting or sleeping on unclean mattresses or those that lie on the floor.
  • Come into contact with any of the creatures with the ‘biohazard’ symbol.
  • Traversing through toxic and radioactive environments including land masses and water bodies.

The diseases and their symptoms are listed below:


Disease Effects Duration
Bone Worms Limb damage incurred goes up by 50%. 15 minutes
Blood Worms Take 25% more damage 15 minutes
Buzz Drain -2 Intelligence 15 minutes
Dysentery Increased thirst rate due to water loss. 15 minutes
Fever Claw -25% ranged weapon damage 15 minutes
Flap Limb -2 Strength 15 minutes
Glowing Pustules Bleed radiation from wounds. 15 minutes
Heat Flash -2 endurance 15 minutes
Jelly Fingers +50% ranged VATS AP cost 15 minutes
Needle Spine -10 carrying limit 15 minutes
Parasites Increased hunger rate due to food loss. 15 minutes
Rad Worms Radiation damage incurred goes up by 50%. 15 minutes
Rattle Hands -25% damage with ranged weapons 15 minutes
Shell Shock Action Point loss from wounds 15 minutes
Sludge Lung Max Action Points reduced by 50 Action Points regeneration also reduced by 50 15 minutes
Swamp Itch Max Agility reduced by 2 15 minutes
Snot Ear -2 Perception 15 minutes
Swamp Gas -2 Charisma 15 minutes
Swamp Itch -2 agility 15 minutes
The Blight -1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats 15 minutes
Waterborne -2 Luck 15 minutes
Weeping Sores Bleed from wounds 15 minutes

Avoiding Diseases

Diseases cause various negative effects which primarily decrease your stats and debuffs your abilities. Each one of the above ways to get diseases can be avoided accordingly too.

  • Sleep on raised platforms.
  • Always cook food and eat from canned products if possible. As for fluids and liquid, boil them first.
  • Only explore regions while wearing a gas mask or a hazmat suit. These protective measures will also boost resistance to radioactive creatures. You can also apply the perk ‘Vaccinated’ to boost resistance against diseased creatures.

You can also reduce the chances of acquiring diseases by maintaining a good food and water requirement as this increases resistance to diseases by 25%.

Iron Stomach perk will make it less likely for you to contract the disease from unclean food while Thirst Quencher boosts resistance to acquiring diseases from unsafe water resources.

If a disease is contracted, you can find Antibiotics or disease cures. Note, dying does not get you rid of the disease, so there’s no easy way out.


In case you have somehow picked up a disease, you won’t see any physical symptoms on your character, but the diseases that you can contract are of a wide variety.

There are a couple of ways, namely by finding antibiotics, crafting disease cures, or just by waiting it out.

Dying doesn’t get rid of the disease, so if the disease is hindering your progress, just seek out the cure. If you ever find disease cures, make sure you have a few spare in case there is a infection.

Alternatively, you can also head to the Whitespring Golf Club and look for the white gazebo. There you can drink from the sulphur water fountain to cure your disease.

Once you have contracted a disease, you normally can not get it again for 45 minutes. Different diseases can not be contracted for 30 minutes.

The only exception to this is by leaving the server and joining a new one. The way that doing this can be helpful is if you picked up the Plague Walker mutation.

This gives you a poison aura, the effect of which scales with the number of diseases you have at any given time.

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