Fallout 76 Base Building Tips – Getting Started

In our Fallout 76 Base Building Guide, we have detailed everything about building your base in FO76 and the game's C.A.M.P.'s System.

Even though the base building mechanic was a part of Fallout 4, it has been revamped in Fallout 76. It is not extremely complex but there is still a decent skill curve to get over and our Fallout 76 Base Building Guide will walk you through the process.

Fallout 76 Base Building

The original game had specific areas where you could build bases. However, Fallout 76 is quite different as it allows you to build your base wherever you want.

Not only that, you are now able to defend the bases that you have built as well as those of other players. You can also now attract other NPCs to come and live in your settlement that will give you a fair bit of advantages.

The Base Building works through a C.A.M.P system, which we will go over in just a moment. There are a lot of new building mechanics that allow you to set up your base whichever way you want and use the help of your friends as well.

The C.A.M.P System

The C.A.M.P system is a portable base building system that allows you to build bases wherever you want and whenever you want. That is not all, as it can also be used to craft and mod weapons.

It requires resources in order to be able to do anything, so there is going to be quite a bit of exploring for players who are interested in using this mechanic.

You can place various different turrets and traps in order to defend your camp from invaders. You are not only susceptible to attacks from other players but also from various different monsters that are radioactive and lurking around in the game’s world.

If you kill those monsters, you can take a photo and get this is a Trophy Shot. You can pose with your hunt and your friends for a good photo.

Each Camp can be built with friends since the entire game is now on-line. On top of that, you are already supplied with a Cooking Pot, some crafting points and a Workshop, pretty much the same as Settlements from Fallout 4.

Remember that your friends’ parts disappear when they leave but the structures will still be there.

What if two People Build on The Same Spot
There is a possibility that once you log off and your base disappears, another player builds on top of it and vice versa.

If that happens, your entire base will be rolled back into the C.A.M.P system and you will have the option of rebuilding the same exact base at a different area.

Getting Started with Base Building

Simply get the C.A.M.P System from Fallout 76 and then place it wherever you want to build. After that, you can use the Blueprints to start building.

Remember to get a lock for your door or your base will easily be penetrated. Start with a small base but make sure that your base can become multi-floored. Do not build roofs, as they will not allow you any chance for expansion.

Also, remember to have a base near some of the mining areas. You will be able to use harvesters to mine these materials and then use them to upgrade your bases.

You will find better blueprints as you advance in the game and not having materials nearby will simply waste your time. Wood is easily found, as you can find it on the ground but other materials are harder to come by.

Remember that you can also modify your base or scrap some of the materials. Scraps will not net you as much as you paid for them but it’s still better than simply destroying them and getting nothing.

Lastly, remember that you should build your base in an area where the AI is not that higher levelled than you are. If that is the case, then chances are that you will die when moving to and from the base.

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