Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide – How to Get the Best Ending

Fallout 4 Far Harbor endings guide to help you get the best ending to the Far Harbor DLC or if you want to get those other endings, all options open.

There are a handful of Fallout 4 Far Harbor endings. These endings are primarily determined by actions in The Way Life Should Be and Cleansing the Land. A couple of other things that dictate endings are optional missions completion and persuasion skills.

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide

With our Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide, you should be able to make all the right choices and get what you think is the best ending.

The Way Life Should Be

Tell Far Harbor
Depending upon persuasion and optional missions completion, you will be able to change decision about Avery. Some other things include:

  • Attack on Acadia
  • Kasumi dies
  • Destroy Far Harbor or Nucleus
  • Receive a bonus perk

Force DiMA to Turn Himself In
This requires high persuasion skills. Some things to consider include:

  • DiMA dies
  • Destroy Far Harbor or Nucleus
  • Attack on Acadia – Persuasion can prevent it
  • Kasumi dies – Persuasion can prevent it

DiMA Secret Remains Intact
Basically no one dies, you get the Reformation quest, and an armor set.

Cleansing the Land

Destroying Nucleus
This eliminates the Children of Atom, grants you with a perk, and another reward from Allen in Far Harbor. You get 30 seconds to escape the area.

Bringing Far Harbor Down
This eliminates residents of Far Harbor, get you an armor and a perk from the High Confessor.

Bringing Far Harbor and Nucleus Down
There is not really an advantage of this. You will not get anything, Acadia may or may not survive, and DiMA will not speak with you.

Basically settles everything through dialogue without any causalities, all factions live without any trouble, and grants you with a bonus perk from DiMA. Once you have completed Cleansing the Land, you will be able to persuade Kasumi to come back or accept her decision – either way you will complete Close to Home.

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This is all we have on Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide. Found anything missing or confusing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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