Fable 3 Gold Keys and Doors Locations Guide

The Fable 3 Gold Keys can be used to open the Gold Key doors. You can find treasures on the other side of the door, each requiring one gold key to open it. If you find all the Silver and Gold Keys, you can unlock “I am The Keymaster” achievement. Following is a guide to the locations of Fable 3 Gold Doors and Gold Keys.

Fable 3 Gold Keys Locations

Find all the gold keys and doors in Fable 3 categorized by each area you go through during the main quest.

Mistpeak Valley
There is a cave entrance on the far side of the demon door in the hills, if you examine the Mistpeak valley map, you can see this entrance. Run uphill to the cave, hang a lift just before the path to Brightwall Village. Go past the treasure chest across the grassy mountainous patch, and you will come across a brownish cave entrance.

Run through the cave and take the path that goes upward. There are several chests scattered in your way, also one 15 silver keys chest. Keep moving and you will come across a door, go outside, and once you are outside, you can see a gold key floating over ruins.

Do the “Restoration” side quest in Millfields; the quest requires you to pay 750 Gold to repair the bridge. This will open up Driftwood, once you are in Driftwood; you need to do three side quests An Island Getaway, Pest Control and Giftwood for Driftwood.

After you are done with these side quests, leave the area and return later. When you come back to the area, you can reach a Flit Switch in an island across a new bridge. Follow the Switch around the area and hit it with a ranged or melee weapon. Follow the Switch up to the mountains and you will notice a warp zone at the top that will lead you to the Gold Key.


Aurora: The Veiled Path
At the stairs of the veiled path is an entrance to the new area, The Enigma. Go inside and look for Flit Switch at the end of the room above the door. Now use the fireballs to fire up the torches in the next area that you access with the help of the Flit Switch.

Now see the flames pattern on the wall, you need to follow the exact same order and step on the panels to open the door to access a gold key beyond it. The flames pattern in question is YELLOW, BLUE, YELLOW, RED, BLUE, RED, and BLUE, RED.

Aurora: Shifting Sands
First, you need access to Aurora Continent to get this gold key. In the city do the quest “A Key to the Greater Key”, this quest becomes available when you complete the main game. Talk to the guy who gives you this quest and he will sell or give you a key.

Once you have that key the trail telling you where to use it will vanish. Go to the desert area and run across the vast dunes. Now, on the far side, turn left and follow the cliff face until you find a path going down. At the bottom, use the key that you get from the person to unlock an area containing this gold key.

Secret Fable 3 Gold Key
Once you become the King of Albion, enter the treasure room in The Sanctuary, and look up, you will see a Gold Key. To access it you need like 5,000,000 Gold. You can turn in that kind of money many ways. Sunset Demon Door gives you one million gold, you can buy shops early, and big shops give in more profits. Once you have the key, find the corresponding chest at the bottom of the Gold mass. Open it to get the legendary weapon.

Fable 3 Gold Key Doors Location Guide

Gold Key Door #1
Under the castle, on your way down the path in the Catacombs, you will notice a gold door. Inside it is 30 guild seals to grab but you need a gold key to open this door.

Gold Key Door #2
In Sunset House Area, enter the main gate and take right from the lawn. There is a curly path that will lead you back to the gold key door, which is on the other side of the gazebo. Inside this door, a Legendary Weapon will be found.

Gold Key Door #3
Complete the two side quests, Bored to Death and Gone, and avoid the side quest, Not Forgotten in Mourningwood. In Mourningwood after doing these two side quests, you can access the Ossuary through the door from the graveyard. Just as you enter in Ossuary, take a left turn and you will find this Gold Key Door. Further, on from it, a sarcophagus will be present which can be opened for a Legendary Weapon.

In the quest “Gone but not forgotten” where you have to find max in the underground crypt. There is a gold door on the balcony he teleports to as a wisp that you are given a view (RT) message to view. Around that, the area is a door and within is a unique weapon.

Gold Key Door #4
There is a Gold Key Door in the Reliquary under the Academy in Brightwall Village. In order to get to this door, the Special Delivery (Dweller Camp) and the Ancient Key (Academy) side quests will have to be completed.

There is a gold door in the reliquary after you do the first quest you get from Saul. in the hidden library is a flit switch that you have to shoot three times and then you have to go through a door that leads up and melee it, then you have to go down to the central room back the way you came and kill hollow men and hit it again and then the walkways that come from the ground come and you have to just step on the lit-up arrows until you get the bottom floor with a gold door. Inside is a highwayman outfit in a place called the prism.

If you are going to get any of the gold key doors last, make it the one located in the Reliquary. In order to access this door, you must hit a series of flit switches after escorting the historian through the various (previously locked) doors, whereupon you gain access to a flit switch. After hitting that flit switch a series of times, it triggers a set of platforms (which you as the player can activate by stepping on the blue arrows).

They form a sort of path/staircase that leads around that large central platform. The gold door is at the bottom. Moreover, what do you get for your trouble? A highwayman outfit. Woot… Like I did not already have it. Not to mention the stupid cullis gate set up that kept transporting me where I had already been in the area.

Gold Key Door #5
Another Gold Key Door can be found in the mission that takes place after you acquire the book of the dead for Max and Sam. It will also grant a Legendary Weapon.

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