Fable 3 Silver Keys Location Guide

Fable III features keys to unlock different types of chests, mainly silver and gold keys for silver and gold chests/doors. Silver Chests require Silver Keys to open them, and certain number of Silver Keys. Gold Chests/doors require Gold Keys to open them. If you find all the silver and gold keys scattered throughout Albion in Fable III, you unlock “Key Master” achievement.

Fable III Silver Keys Location Guide

You can find the silver keys in these locations that you visit during your main quest.

Brightwall Village (5 Silver Keys)

  1. There is a small bridge outside the bridge’s wall. Head under the bridge for this key.
  2. Head left from the library and explore the green area. You will find this key behind the round stones.
  3. You can find one behind the house of Cluck.
  4. You will find a room if you head straight through the linear pathway under the Library (Academy) . When you find a skeleton, light all the lights and this will open a door where you can find this key.
  5. From the Reliquary dead to the ramp from a ledge having a chest. You will reach to a platform that is just above the appearing blocks. There is switch you need to activate. Once you have pulled the switch, Hollow men will appear. Once you have taken care of them, a staircase will appear to the left of the room. Use the blocks to reach it and at the top of the stairs, you can have this key.

Mercenary Camp (1 Silver Key)

  1. In the camp head past the two guard towers. You will find another guard tower on the hill in the area where you also fought with the boss. Key can be found under the tower.

Dweller Camp (1 Silver Key)
You can find this key in Sabine’s circle of dwellings. You can’t have this key till you have a contract with Sabine and the dwellers.

Bowerstone Castle (2 Silver Keys)

  1. Head to pathway leading to the cave, and when it forks, head left and you will find this key at the end.
  2. At catacombs, head left and you can find this key behind the statue.

Bowerstone Industrial (4 Silver Keys)

  1. You will find a crane alongside the river across the bridge. Head down using the stairs under the crane and find the sewers section. If you move right from here, you can find the key.
  2. Head to the factory near the coast and you can find this key at the upper level. You can use the stairs by the door to reach it (you nee to open the path before you can have it).
  3. After diving into the Cesspools, look for an area of Tunnel walls that is blocked. You can find this key through this loaded area by destroying it using your melee weapon.
  4. There is a red elevator on the upper floor in an old military building, you can have this key in this elevator.

Bowerstone Market (3 Silver Keys)

  1. Opposite to the Clock tower is a bridge. Use the stairs to reach the stalls. You can find the key near the 4th stall.
  2. You can find this key at the back of a house named “Hauteville House”. This house is near the entrance of Bowerstone Castle.
  3. In the Hideout, there is a room with jail cells. Across the cells, use the door to reach the basement where you can find the key.

Bowerstone Old Quarter (2 Silver Keys)

  1. If you move towards the Ocean from the front gate, you will come across a big tree along the wall. You can find the key under this tree.
  2. While heading uphill, look for a small green patch with a small statue in it. Purchase the house named Nightshade House. You can find the key in this house.

Mitspeak Valley (6 Silver Keys)

  1. Head to the valley that leads to the demon door. You don’t need to enter the valley but instead move left to look for a pile of lumber to find the Silver Key.
  2. From the Mitspeak Trolley Station (opposite to the mercenaries camp) head uphill to reach a view point. You can find a silver key there.
  3. There are 2 caves above the Demon doors. You need to enter the door that is right to the caves. Once you find the bridge, you can find the key to the far side of it.
  4. There is a room with barrels near the Monorail wreckage. You can find the key behind the barrels.
  5. Near the Mitspeak entrance and the wreckage, you can find a door that can be opened with the help of a key. Use the stairs to head(after the stone bridge and turning right) to a view point where you can find this key.
  6. Enter the Millfield Monorail station and climb the stairs to have this key.

Mourningwood (4 Silver Keys)

  1. Head to the hill which you defended with the cannon. You can find this key entangled in a small hole before you reach the grave stones.
  2. Look for some arches (ruined) when you just enter the village. You can find the key under the arches.
  3. In Ossuary, you can find this key in the 4th tomb.
  4. In Ossuary, head upstairs and head left to find the key.

Sunset House (2 Silver Keys)

  1. After entering the area, head left that will lead to you a Demon Door. Again head to left to find the key.
  2. This time head right from the front door of Sunset House. You can find this key across the woods in a corner.

Silverpines (2 Silver Keys)

  1. After entering the Silverpines from the Millfield, head to small village (to it’s edge) and before reaching the wall head left to find the key.
  2. Enter the mine in the village. You will find this key at the end of this mine.

Driftwood (2 Silver Keys)

  1. Jump into the water after moving through the Gypsy camp. Reach the top of the Leftmost Island in the water. Now head towards the spire to find this key.
  2. Again in the water head to an Island that is at Center this time. Once you are on shore, you can find this key in entrance of a cave.

Millfields (7 Silver Keys)

  1. Head to the ridge that overlooks the lake, you will find a graveyard (where you may also have completed the side quest “Bored to Death”). There is a pathway which can lead you to the key.
  2. There is a factory building on the ridge above the Millfields Monorail. Beside this building is a box containing the silver key.
  3. From the Dankwater Cavern entrance, head out of the cave and then jump into the water. You can find the key under one of the statues.
  4. You will come across Pepporpot cave when you enter from Bowerstone market to Millfields. Enter the cave and you can find this key in it.
  5. You can find this key in the secret room (which is inside the bedroom) in the Reaver’s mansion. This bedroom can be found on the upper level of the Mansion. You can open the secret pathway through a switch in the bookshelves.
  6. You need to be careful with this key as you can only collect it during the side quest with Hobbes. You can see this key just when enter the Cavern.
  7. Same goes for this key as #6. Head down the path and enter water, now head left and you will reach this key.

City of Aurora (2 Silver Keys)

  1. Head uphill past the Demon doors. You can find this key near the two flags.
  2. From the Mine/Shrine entrance (Shrine will be if Aurora is not destroyed and it will be Shrine if it’s destroyed). Take the path to the bridge and before you step onto the bridge, look down and you can get to the key by vaulting off the rooftops.

Shifting Sands (5 Silver Keys)

  1. Head to the arch that is connecting the 2 areas. Head towards the rocky side to find the key.
  2. Head to the Sandy area from the arch this time to find the key.
  3. Head to the sandy area again from the arch. Head to the Veiled path and you can find this key under two small fallen towers.
  4. While on the quest to find the diamond after becoming the ruler of Albion (Sandfall Palace), look for a locked door just before entering the water. Shoot the switch above the door to open it to have this key.
  5. You can find this key (Sandfall Palace) in the last room from the room you found the diamond.

Veiled Path (2 Silver Keys)

  1. You can find this key to the far side of the Veiled path.
  2. Enter the “Enigma” from the staircase at the far side of the Veiled path. Activate the switch to turn on the lights that will show you the next area.You can find this key placed on a round Stand.

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