Fable Anniversary Silver Chests Locations Guide

Where to find Fable Anniversary Silver Chests to unlock Get off your chest achievement and retrieve ancient weapons.

The whole purpose of finding all 30 Silver Keys is to unlock 12 Silver Chests, which are located in various locations in the game.

These chests contain different items like weapons, armor, and potions. Just like the Silver Keys, these chests emit a silver-ish aura and your game progression is automatically saved after opening each chest.

Each Silver Chest has an engraved number on it, which indicates the number of keys that are required to open that particular chest. Finding and opening your very first Silver Chest unlocks ‘Get if off your Chest’ achievement.

Fable Anniversary Silver Chests Locations

Silver Chest #1
Location: The first Silver Chest is located in Greatwood Lake and is unmissable.

Silver Chest #2
Location: Head to Hobbe Cave and then go to Cave Larder to get this second Silver Chest. You will need five Silver Keys to open up this chest.

Silver Chest #3
Location: Once you get to the Grey House, head up the stairs of an abandoned home and a chest will be waiting for you. Pop it open to receive a Sharpening Augment.

Silver Chest #4
Location: This chest is located in the Circle of the Dead. Before you head out to Bargate Prison, make sure to explore the surrounding area for this chest. Pop it open and receive another Sharpening Augment.

Silver Chest #5
Location: This chest is located in the Darkwood Lake. If you wish to get your hands on an ancient weapon called Arken’s Crossbow then make sure to head out to Darkwood Bordello and it is yours.

Silver Chest #6
Location: You must have 15 keys at your disposal before you could get your hands on the prize. Once you have them, head to Bowerstone Manor in Bowerstone North and get this chest. Opening this chest will get you The Katana Hiryu.

Silver Chest #7
Location: This chest is located in the Witchwood Stones. This chest also requires 15 Silver Keys and contains Health Augmentation. Head over to Demon Door in the area where you come across Archeologist to get it.

Silver Chest #8
Location: Like I have mentioned for the Silver Key, getting married to Grey Lady holds significant importance. You may have to fight Thunder for her hand but you will get not only the Lady Grey but also a Silver Chest with Mana Augmentation in it.

Silver Chest #9
Location: Go all the way to the top of Lighthouse in Hook Coast and the chest will be waiting for you. Pop it open with 15 Silver Keys and you will get the Murren Greataxe as a reward.

Silver Chest #10
Location: This one is located in the Guild. But you will have to return with the 20 Silver Keys and get it opened to receive The Murren Greathammer from it.

Silver Chest #11
Location: When you get your hands on 25 Silver Keys, make sure to pay Necropolis a visit and you will not be disappointed with the rewards. Guess what? It is the Archon’s Battle Armor Set.

Silver Chest #12
Location: The final Silver Chest of the game is located in the Lost Bay which can be accessed after you get off the Ship of the Drowned.

Once you get off, look for the chest lying on the coast line. This chest will deprive you off all your Silver Keys and in return, you will get The Avenger weapon and many other valuables.

If you find something confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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