Fable Anniversary Silver Keys Locations Guide

Where to find all the Fable Anniversary Silver Keys to open Silver Chests to get weapons, armors and potions and unlock You are a Super Player achievement.

There are 30 Silver Keys scattered around the world of Fable Anniversary. The primary objective of finding all the keys is to open Wooden Chests containing various items like weapons, armor, and viable potions.

In addition to this, finding all Silver Keys will also unlock ‘You are a Super Player’ achievement.

After you have collected a Silver Key, the game will automatically save your progression. These collectibles are displayed as large silver keys with white aura around them.

Fable Anniversary Silver Keys Locations

Silver Key #1
Location: After leaving the Guild for the very first time, you will come across a few vines. Destroy them and you will get the first key.

Silver Key #2
Location: After entering Bowerstone South, head inside the first building on your left and go upstairs to get the second key.

Silver Key #3
Location: This key can be fished out by visiting Guild Woods from the Guild. Simply buy a Fishing Rod and harpoon this key out.

Silver Key #4
Location: This key is really unmissable! All you need to do is visit Greatwood Lake and turn to your right to find the key lying in plain sight.

Silver Key #5
Location: You will again have to harpoon this key out. Visit the area where you took part in the Hobbe Killing Contest with Whisper and get the key from the docks.

Silver Key #6
Location: You will have to save a fisher during your first time in Fisher Creek. Save the fisher and go all the way to the back of his house to do some fishing and get this item.

Silver Key #7
Location: Head to Greatwood to visit Rose Cottage and get this key from the flower bed nearby.

Silver Key #8
Location: This key is located at the very end of Hobbe Cave where you completed the Hobbe Cave Quest by saving James. You will have to dig it up.

Silver Key #9
Location: You will have to head to Darkwood Bordello and use your bow and arrow to get it. The key will be in plain sight; just outside the Bordello.

Silver Key #10
Location: This one is located near the Ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood. Head to the docking area and fish the item out. Make sure to check out both fishing spots so that you do not miss it!

Silver Key #11
Location: This key is awarded as a prize. To earn it, simply clear off the Oakville’s Beach’s Pirate Ghost and take part in Chicken Kicking Competition. You must score 150 points or above to secure it.

Silver Key #12
Location: Again, an unmissable key! Just head to Twinblade’s Camp and retrieve it.

Silver Key #13
Location: Make your way to the Grey House and go to the Demon Door. Sit back and do some fishing for the key.

Silver Key #14
Location: Just as you enter Witchwood Stones, turn to your left and look sharp into the water. Yes, there is a key there.

Silver Key #15
Location: For this key, you need to get to the Witchwood Lake. Keep on moving left until you come across a red sculpture. This red statue is hiding a Silver Key beneath it.

Silver Key #16
Location: Do you know there is a house in Knothole Glade that you can buy? Of course, you do. But do you know that there is a key between this house and the house adjacent to it? Check it out!

Silver Key #17
Location: Get married! Yes, that is the secret of getting this key. First, you either need to get married to Lady Grey or become the Mayor of Bowerstone North and then access Bowerstone Manor to get this key.

Silver Key #18
Location: Head to the Windmill Hill and you will come across an isolated house. There will be small patch of dirt near it and this patch has the key you are seeking.

Silver Key #19
Location: For this key, head to Gibbet Woods and make your way to the Windmill. Plough out the key off a dirt patch behind the house.

Silver Key #20
Location: Marrying Lady Grey is not an easy task, is it? You can only get this key IF you plan on marrying Lady Grey and beat the hell out of Thunder for her hand. You will not only get Lady Grey but also the Silver Key.

Silver Key #21, #22, and #23
Location: When you visit the Lychfield Graveyard for the very first time, these keys can be dug out.

Silver Key #24
Location: Save your mother from the wrath of Bargate Prison! While on your way to the prison, check out the Cliffside Path to get the key. Two birds with one stone!

Silver Key #25
Location: Get off the Ship of the Drowned and you will see a small grave right next to a house. To

Silver Key #26
Location: Head to the Demon Door and you will see a destructed bridge nearby. Sit there and fish the item out!

Silver Key #27
Location: There is a lighthouse in the area where you encountered Maze. You will need to fish in this area to get the key.

Silver Key #28
Location: This is some sort of give and take. To get this key, you will have to provide 25 DIFFERENT books to Bowerstone teacher.

Silver Key #29
Location: After you save fisher in Fisher Creek, re-visit him and take part in the Fishing Competition. Make sure to secure 2nd place to get awarded with this key.

Silver Key #30
Location: Assist Ghost Pirate in the Oakville and retrieve information about his treasure. The next thing you should do is head to Memorial Garden and dig near the statue to get this final key.

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