F1 Manager 2022 Best Technical Chiefs in the Game

For any team to work efficiently, one needs to have an experienced and strong leader. In the case of F1...

For any team to work efficiently, one needs to have an experienced and strong leader. In the case of F1 Manager 2022, technical chiefs are kind of the heads of a team that are responsible for working on the chassis, bottom flat surface, fins, etc. of the car. So if you have a better technical chief, your car’s performance will be better. We have enlisted the five best technical chiefs in F1 Manager 2022 below in this guide.

Best Technical Chiefs in F1 Manager 2022

Name Team End of Contract
Pierre Waché Red Bull 31/12/2024
Enrico Cardile Ferrari 31/12/2023
Simone Resta Haas 31/12/2022
Matt Harman Alpine 31/12/2025
Mike Elliot Mercedes 31/12/2024

Every technical chief in F1 Manager 2022 has six attributes; chassis, front wing, rear wing, underfloor, suspension and sidepods. Technical chiefs have ratings for all of these attributes. The higher the numbers, the better the expertise and better your car’s performance.

Pierre Waché is undoubtedly the best technical chief one can hire. He is from team Red Bull having the following attributes:

  • Chassis: 83
  • Forward Wing: 80
  • Rear Wing: 87
  • Suspension: 82
  • Sidepods: 81
  • Underfloor: 85

What makes Pierre the best technical chief is the fact that he is an all-rounder. He will keep your car balanced and there won’t be anything that is lacking in your car. He is not only an all-rounder but he has the best stats as well in every corner.

On 2nd, we got Enrico Cardile from team Ferrari. He has the following attributes:

  • Chassis: 78
  • Forward Wing: 81
  • Rear Wing: 80
  • Suspension: 85
  • Sidepods: 78
  • Underfloor: 85

Enrico Cardile is a very good option too. He is the best when it comes down to suspension and underfloor. Apart from these, Enrico is also quite famous for aerodynamics. He has almost half of the contract break cost than Pierre. Under his supervision, they won championships like Daytona 24 hours and Le Mans.

On 3rd, we have Simone Resta from team Haas. He has the following attributes:

  • Chassis: 77
  • Forward Wing: 83
  • Rear Wing: 81
  • Suspension: 80
  • Sidepods: 77
  • Underfloor: 83

Simone Resta could be the best option if you want good expertise in Forward Wing and Rear Wing. Simone Resta is one of the best technical chiefs when you are talking about aerodynamics. He served for Ferrari as well from 2011 to 2018 but then switched to Haas.

On 4th, we have Matt Harman from team Alpine. He has the following attributes:

  • Chassis: 79
  • Forward Wing: 77
  • Rear Wing: 77
  • Suspension: 78
  • Sidepods: 82
  • Underfloor: 80

Sidepods have always been ignored by many technical chiefs but Matt Harman has got expertise in them. Matt has been the technical head of Mclaren and Ferrari as well. What makes him special is his experience and expertise in engine and chassis.

On 5th and last, we have Mike Elliot from team Mercedes. He has the following attribute:

  • Chassis: 78
  • Forward Wing: 77
  • Rear Wing: 76
  • Suspension: 73
  • Sidepods: 74
  • Underfloor: 79

Mike has earned eight championship titles and has spent over 20 years in Grand Prix. He is well known for aerodynamics as he has spent a huge time in being aerodynamics head. He also has eight top 3 finishes against his name. So it’s better not to take Mike lightly.

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