F1 22 Miami Setup Guide For Dry And Wet Conditions

The Miami circuit is a new and fresh circuit that just came out in F1 22. Aside from the real...

The Miami circuit is a new and fresh circuit that just came out in F1 22. Aside from the real Miami Grand Prix races, we can now race on the Miami map in a game for the first time ever.

This circuit is a tricky one, offering long flat-out straight paths as well as tight and tricky curves which may be difficult to navigate through.

In this guide we’ll be going through the best setups you can use to race in Miami, Florida, for both dry and wet conditions.

Miami Setup

Miami Dry Setup

Since the Miami circuit is a new one, most players don’t have much experience with it and also don’t have much to go on in terms of setups. Nevertheless, we’ve come up with what we think would be the best Setup to have your car in while racing on the Miami circuit in F1 22.

Much Similar to the Saudi Arabian track, the Miami track also contains two straight-line sectors as well as two tight curve sections, that bend around the two edges of the map. The curves that bend around the main building can be really tricky though, so you may want to be especially careful around those.

Keeping those things in mind, there are a few tweaks that you need to make to your car’s setup to complete this map with ease.

Since there are a lot of fast sweeping turns on the map, you’ll need to lift your foot off the throttle for a bit. You’ll also need good Traction to keep your car in touch with the track at all times, as well as a higher on-throttle differential, but just enough so that you still have good traction.

You’ll also need to keep the front wing angles a little lower than usual to grant you the full power to boost yourself through the straight line segments of the map.

Front Aero Wing: 14
Rear Aero Wing: 24

Differential adjustment on throttle: 78%
Differential adjustment off throttle: 55%

Suspensions Geometry
Front Chamber: -2.8
Rear Chamber: -1.8
Front Toe: 0.05
Rear Toe: 0.23

Front Suspension: 8
Rear Suspension: 1
Front Anti-Roll bar: 8
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 1
Front Ride Height: 3
Rear Ride Height:5

Brake Pressure: 100%
Brake Bias: 50%

Tire Pressure
Front Right Tire Pressure: 23.5
Front Left Tire Pressure: 23.5
Rear Right Tire Pressure: 21.3
Rear Left Tire Pressure: 21.3

Miami Wet Setup

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