F1 2021 Monaco Best Setup Guide

Monaco is arguably one of the most difficult maps to race on in F1 2021 because of the narrow streets and sharp turns. We will discuss the best F1 2021 Monaco Setup and tuning for optimal performance to ensure your victory on the Monaco track.

F1 2021 Monaco Best Setup

Most of the players that see the Monaco track in F1 2021 for the first time during the Career mode will skip it. It’s because of a lot of change in directions and few straight lines. But in reality, it’s pretty much the same as the Hungary Track in F1 2021.

There are only two straights where you can speed through, followed by long corners. So, there is no need to maximize your transmission for high-speed driving. Instead, you need to focus on all the right things that we’ll be showing you below.

Since F1 2021 Monaco track is all about making sharp turns, traction will play a huge role on this map. You need a lot more downforce than before to conquer the map.

With the excess of turns at every corner, you’ll need to maximize your car’s braking power. You’ll need to hold on to your brakes for a long period before taking the turn, so turn down the value of brake pressure.

Below, you will find the best F1 2021 Monaco Track setup that you can use on Circuit de Monaco:


Front Wing Aero: 10

Rear Wing Aero: 10


Differential adjustment on Throttle: 55%

Differential adjustment off Throttle: 55%

Suspension Geometry

Front Camber: -2.7

Rear Camber: -1.2

Front Toe: 0.08

Rear Toe: 0.23


Front Suspension: 3

Rear Suspension: 2

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 2

Front Ride Height: 3

Rear Ride Height: 6


Brake Pressure: 97%

Brake Bias: 55%


Front Right Tire Pressure: 21.4 psi

Front Left Tire Pressure: 21.4 psi

Rear Right Tire Pressure: 21.5 psi

Rear Left Tire Pressure: 21.5 psi