How To Use Wild Strikes In Elden Ring

Wild Strikes is one of the Ashes of War in Elden Ring that allows the players to boost their weapons and shields with new skills.

The Elden Ring has a unique mechanic that involves using Ashes of War. This mechanic allows the players to boost their weapons and shields with new skills. Players can improve different stats of the armaments using the required Ash of War, like the Wild Strikes in Elden Ring.

In short, a single weapon can be modified to be effective for various conditions using this mechanic. This guide spotlights the Wild Strikes Ash of War, out of many Ashes of War available.

How to get Wild Strikes in Elden Ring

This Ash of War is not difficult to find in the game. A Teardrop Scarab drops it. To get your hands on this skill, travel to the Stormhill Shack. Once there, follow the path leading up the hill. You can find the Wild Strikes Ash of War in Elden Ring beside the trail. The exact location is marked on the map image.

Wild Strikes Ash of War belongs to the Heavy Affinity. It increases the weapon’s strength. This improvement comes at the cost of some damage and dexterity. Both of these stats are downscaled significantly.

Wild Strikes can be applied to all Axes, Hammers, Flails, and some specific swords. These swords include Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, and Curved Swords.

How to use Wild Strikes

Once the Wild Strikes skill is equipped with the selected weapon, press the L2 button to start the attack. Doing so will result in a single attack by the protagonist. However, to perform a series of attacks, you have to press the button repeatedly; alternatively, you can also hold it for ease.

These attacks immediately drain the enemy’s health, especially immobile ones. Once in a fight, enemies cannot step back and develop a strong attack. Instead, Wild Strikes in Elden Ring will continuously weaken them by draining their health and giving you the upper hand in battle.

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