How To Get The Weathered Map In Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Weathered Map is an undecipherable quest item that is required to acquire Amber Starlight. Here is how you can get it!

The Weathered Map is an important quest item that you need to find to help Seluvis complete his potion in Elden Ring.

The map itself is badly damaged and you will have a hard time figuring out what it says. Seluvis, however, requires the Weathered Map nonetheless because it shows the location of items he needs for his potion.

If you want to complete Seluvis’ quest in Elden Ring, you will need to know how and where to find the Weathered Map.

Weathered Map location in Elden Ring 

The Weathered Map can be bought from the Carian Servant named Pidia. This vendor is located in the Caria Manor in the southeastern part of the manor. You can get to the manor and Pidia if you have completed the Boss-fight. 

Pidia’s room, in the Caria Manor, can be approached from the open. When you head towards the Carian Manor from Seluvis’ Rise, you will reach a cliff facing the manor.

Jump down from the cliff and onto some wooden platforms to the right. After two flights of these platforms, there will be an opening and Pidia will be in the room. 

You can buy the map from Pidia by paying 600 runes to him. The Carian Servant also sells other important things such as the Ash of War: Carian Retaliation, Larval Tear, and a Celestial Dew among other things. 

Something important to note is that Pidia can be killed in Elden Ring. If you reach the location and find him missing or dead, do not fret because you can still get the Weathered Map.

You need to first loot a Bell Bearing from Pidia’s corpse. Take this to the Roundtable Hold and exchange it with the Twin Maiden Husks for the Weathered Map.

How to use the Weathered Map in Elden ring 

The Weathered Map, when bought, will show the location of the Amber Starlight shard. This shard is demanded by Seluvis and he wants to add it to his potion. This potion can turn a demigod into a puppet.  

The location of the Amber Starlight shard is in a cave. The nearest Site of Grace from it is the Altus Highway Junction. Inside the cave, you can find land octopuses and Sacramental Buds around the Amber Starlight shard. 

When you have defeated the creatures and acquired the shard, head back to the NPC Preceptor Seluvis. When you hand the Amber Starlight over to him, he will reward you with a Magic Scorpion Charm. This charm helps in increasing the magic damage of your character. 

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