Where To Find The Unseen Blade In Elden Ring

Unseen Blades is one of the spells in Elden Ring that belongs to the Sorcery class, also known as Invisible Spell.

Just like the weapons and armor in Elden Ring, spells also play an important role in the game. Unseen Blades is one of the spells in Elden Ring. This spell belongs to the Sorcery class, also known as Invisible Spell.

Unseen Blades spell makes the right-hand armament of the protagonist completely invisible. However, this invisible effect does not last long. Changing the right-hand weapon while the spell is active will also result in dispelling. This guide mainly includes the exact location where the players can find this spell.

Unseen Blade location in Elden Ring

An Unseen Blade spell can be obtained by solving a puzzle. This puzzle is available in the Mirage Rise area of the Altus Plateau region. The Mirage Rise area is located west of the Leyndell, just above the Second Church of Marika.

The puzzle involves touching three Phantom Crests. At first, players will be unable to find any tower in the area as they are hidden. However, after finding the first chest, the player will get a secondary map that helps find the remaining two phantom chests.

After touching all three phantom chests, the tower will return to its original place. Climb up the stairs of the tower. There is a chest resting on the top of the tower. Finding and opening the chest will reward the player with Unseen Blade and Unseen Form spell in Elden Ring.

How to use Unseen Blade

The stat requirement for using the Unseen Blade Spell in Elden Ring is simple. Players need just 12 intelligence to use the spell. Further, it costs 18 Focus Points (FP) and 45 stamina. Unseen Blade only lasts 45 seconds until the weapon reappears in your right hand.

Coming up to using the Unseen Blade spell, its highest advantage is in the multiplayer game. Hiding your weapon from the other players, especially while playing PvP, will provide you an upper hand over your enemy.

Working like bait, Unseen Blade will trick the opponent by letting him think the protagonist equips no weapon. In reality, the protagonist does contain the weapon hidden by the Unseen Blade spell.

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