How To Get Sword Of Morne In Elden Ring

There are a plethora of easter eggs that you can find in Elden Ring, one of which is the Sword of Morne. Here is to get it!

The Sword of Morne, also known as the Grafted Blade Greatsword, is a colossal sword that has been forged with the swords of an entire clan of warriors.

If you think that you have seen this sword design somewhere else, you are correct. The Sword of Morne is one of the many easter eggs in Elden Ring. This weapon is a direct reference to the Iron Throne in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by author George R. R. Martin, who is also incidentally the world builder of Elden Ring.

As you may expect, this weapon can only be wielded by a mighty warrior who possesses high stats in strength.

Where to find the Grafted Blade Greatsword in Elden Ring 

As you venture your way into the different areas on the map, you will come across an NPC called Irina who is found near the Bridge of Sacrifice.  

She assigns you a quest to deliver a letter to her father (Edgar) who is appointed as the commander of the Castle. He guards the Grafted Balde Greatsword against falling into the wrong hands.  

Furthermore, she informs you about the danger caused by the servants who have taken over the Castle. 

After the interaction is over, you must head over to Castle Morne which is located at the southernmost section of Weeping Peninsula.  

As you reach the location, you will be welcomed by several arrows being shot at you from the front gate which is guarded by a massive Golem. Make your way through the raining arrows up to the top of the Castle and meet Edgar who is sitting on a bench at the southeastern tower of the castle.  

Deliver him the letter to trigger a conversation in which he refuses to go back to his daughter. He says he is unwilling to let the Sword of Morne fall into the hands of Leonine Misbegotten, the main boss of the Castle. 

Use the elevator inside to reach the upper level of the castle. Go across the open area and head right from the Mad Pumpkin head ahead. Use the ladder on the rightmost wall to climb up to the upper level of the Castle.  

Head up the set of stairs while avoiding any damage from the enemies. Reach the fireplace ahead and drop down to the right side and onto the Site of Grace.  

Drop down further from the Site of Grace while following the cliffs downwards. As you drop down while following the cliffs, you will come across an opening on the floor. Drop down from there to come across a door taking you to the next part of the area. 

Go through the door and down into the water on the southern beach of the castle to face Leonine Misbegotten in a boss fight and get rewarded with the Sword of Morne for defeating him. 

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