How To Get The Seppuku Ash Of War In Elden Ring

This comprehensive guide will help you locate the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring without having to wander aimlessly.

If you are looking for a good damage-dealing Ash of War, consider getting the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring.

Its unique Seppuku skill increases your attack power and your ability to inflict blood loss on enemies in the game.

If you ever watched someone stab themselves with their own blade, they are just activating the Seppuku Ash of War ability in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring?

Getting this ash of war will require a bit of game progress. You will need to have access to the Grand Lift of Rold. We will be taking you to the exact location where the ash of war can be picked up.

To find the Seppuku Ash of War location, you will have to go to the Land of Reeds in the Mountaintops of the Giants and keep going to the top of the map until you find the frozen lake.

After making it to the top, look for the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.

After interacting with the grace, just head straight towards the frozen lake. While traversing through this frozen lake, stay on the left side because a dragon known as Borealis the Freezing Frog spawns at the right.

There, near a bunch of trees, you might notice some footsteps running around. That is an Invisible Teardrop Scarab that is constantly moving about.

You will have to time your attacks to be able to hit the invisible scarab. If you can’t hit the scarab, try anticipating its path by watching its footprints in the ground. Then stand in its way to launch an attack as it approaches you.

Once you kill the scarab, it will drop the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring.

How to get the Seppuku Ash of War early in Elden Ring

Since the Seppuku Ash of War is found in the Mountaintops of the Giants, there is no way to get the skill early in Elden Ring.

You will not be able to access the Mountaintops of the Giants until the late game. This is a high-level area with high-level enemies. You will have to wait until your character has a high enough level before heading there to get your hands on Seppuku in Elden Ring.

How to use the Seppuku Ash of War

Once you have obtained the Seppuku Ash of War, you can use it with various weapons to buff their effects and increase the blood loss inflicted at the cost of a little chunk of your health. These weapons include:

  • Halberds
  • Straight Swords
  • Great Spears
  • Spears
  • Heavy Thrusting Swords
  • Thrusting Swords
  • Greatswords
  • Curved Swords
  • Curved Greatswords
  • Twinblades
  • Katanas

We highly recommend using this ash of war in blood loss-focused builds as it increases your blood loss buildup significantly at the cost of little HP and 4 FP.

Keep in mind that activating Seppuku takes a while. The Ash of War has a long character animation in Elden Ring, so it is not advised to be used during a fight. The effects also last for only a minute, so you need to be quick.

The best way to use the Seppuku Ash of War is before a fight. For example, before starting a boss fight, you can activate the skill to increase your attack power and then jump into the arena to attact the boss.

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