Elden Ring Save File Location On PC

One of the biggest advantages of playing a game like Elden Ring on PC is the freedom to tinker with its files. That includes finding your save files to create backups.

Getting your save files corrupted is going to be a nightmare considering how many hours you can put into Elden Ring. Such incidents did happen with the previous Dark Souls games. So, it always pays to be safe and keep your save files separate in case you need to recover your progression.

The following guide will tell you where to find your Elden Ring save files on a PC.

Where are the Elden Ring save files on your PC

Your Elden Ring save files are located inside the AppData folder which can be accessed with a few clicks.

Start by opening your File Explorer and going into your main C: drive, which is normally the drive where you have installed your operating system—Windows 10 for example.

Click on the Users folder and then head inside the folder with your profile name/username. The AppData folder should be here. If not, the folder is hidden.

To view hidden folders, click on View in the top bar of your File Explorer and check the Hidden Items option.

Open the AppData folder, go into Roaming, and then Elden Ring. Your whole navigation path will be the following: C:\Users\your-username\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\

Inside the Elden Ring folder will be a Steam ID folder with a name consisting of a string of 17 numbers. Your Elden Ring save files are inside this folder. They will have .sl2 extensions.

Your next step is to copy all .sl2 files here and paste them somewhere else, preferably somewhere safe.

How to backup your Elden Ring save file

If your Elden Ring save files get corrupted or you somehow lose your progression or game for whatever reason, simply copy and paste your previously backed .sl2 files inside the aforementioned Steam ID folder. Now start the game and it should restore your save files.

It should be obvious that your save file backups will not be updated automatically. Every time you play Elden Ring for a couple of hours, make sure to copy your new save files as new backups.

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