How To Save And Quit Your Game In Elden Ring

In order to keep your hard-earned runes, you need to know how to save and quit Elden Ring on all platforms.

If you are new to FromSoftware games, know that even doing simple tasks like saving or quitting Elden Ring might seem a little complicated. You are going to see several tutorials popping onto your screen, but none teaches you how to use the save feature in the Elden Ring.

You must understand how to save in Elden Ring, as you do not want to lose all the hard-earned runes and items in the game. So saving progress is crucial to becoming the Elden Lord in the Elden Ring.

How to save before quitting in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you cannot directly utilize any manual save option without accessing the game’s checkpoints. You must have known this already if you are a returning player from games like Dark Souls. However, in Elden Ring, you get the auto-save feature.

This feature allows you to save your progress after every few minutes. It means if you do any noticeable act such as defeating an enemy, collecting the runes, or finding any item, then Elden Ring will auto-save. So you do not have to worry about losing your items even if you face game crash errors or power cuts while exploring the world of Elden Ring.

Additionally, each visit to any of the lost Grace sites allows you to benefit from the auto-save feature in the Elden Ring. These sites are found in several places in Elden Ring and play the same role as the Bonfires in Dark Souls.

You can use the Sites of Lost Grace to change the time of the day according to your need, and these checkpoints allow you to restore your HP and FP fully.

Additionally, you get to refill your Sacred Flasks. However, the only downside of resting at such sites includes the respawning of the already defeated enemies in Elden Ring.

These sites also ensure that you manually save your Elden Ring progress. You can manually save by resting at any Lost Site of Grace and then quitting the game using the menu. No matter which platform you are playing, you can use the exact mechanism to ensure your Elden Ring progress is saved every time.

How to quit Elden Ring on different platforms

After resting at the Lost Site of Grace in Elden Ring, you need to open the System Tab from the main menu. You will find the “Quit Game” option, and selecting it will take you to the title menu while saving your Elden Ring progress. This will ensure you save Elden Ring’s progress successfully before quitting it.

PCESC > X > System Tab > X > Quit Game
PlayStation Options > R1> System Tab> R1 > Quit Game
XboxOptions > RB > System Tab> RB > Quit Game

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