Elden Ring Ruler’s Mask: Location, Stats, and Builds

You can find Ruler's mask and Ruler's Rob to Northeast section Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace in Altus Plateau.

If you want to change the entire look of your Faith build, then the Ruler Set is for you. The Ruler’s set comprises two items, Ruler’s Robe and Ruler’s Mask. This guide contains the location, stats, and builds of the Ruler’s Mask in Elden Ring, which is the Helm of the set.

Luckily, Ruler’s Rob location is the same as Mask, so this guide can also find the complete Ruler’s Set.

Ruler’s Mask Location in Elden Ring

The Ruler’s Mask can be found near the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace in Altus Plateau. This site can take some time to uncover as it is at the northmost edge of The Lands Between.

To get this Helm, fast travel to the Abandoned Coffin. Travel to the Northeast on a trail. If you encounter an Elite enemy on the way, you are on the correct path. Continue on this path, and you will reach a corpse lying face down on a carriage. The Mask can be found on this corpse.

Ruler’s Mask Stats

As this is a clothing item, you have no requirements to equip this item. Equipping this item will give you the following stats:

  • 1.8 Physical Damage Negation
  • 2.3 damage Negation against Slash
  • 2.3 Damage Negation against Strike
  • 1.4 Damage Negation against Pierce
  • 4.6 Magic Damage Negation
  • 4.4 Fire Damage Negation
  • 4.6 Lightning Damage Negation
  • 4.7 Holy Damage Negation
  • 20 Immunity
  • 10 Robustness
  • 33 Focus
  • 33 Vitality
  • 3 Poise

Ruler’s Mask Builds

While it gives Faith stat (2) who wears it, Ruler’s mask is more famous for its appearance. Looks cool enough, no? As for stats and builds, Faith users can use the mask to boss their Faith stat. Being lightweight, this Mask also works well to reduce your overall weight.

It can also work well with Ruler’s Rob; however, since the protection this armor set gives is quite low, you will be better off using the mask alone and wearing any other armor for more protection on other body parts.

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