Elden Ring Best PvP Duel Locations

With the new additions of the Duelist’s Furled Finger and the Small Red Effigy, players of Elden Ring now have...

With the new additions of the Duelist’s Furled Finger and the Small Red Effigy, players of Elden Ring now have access to a fun new aspect of the game – PvP dueling.

Though it might seem a fun idea, PvP in Elden Ring can often prove to be disappointing as there are a ton of players that exploit the mechanism to farm for runes or simply fight dishonorably, stabbing you in the back.

Therefore, just like the other Dark Souls games, players need to decide wisely on some specific places for duels in Elden Ring’s The Lands Between. However, given the game’s massive map size of 79 square kilometers, they often have trouble deciding the best dueling locations, but, we’ve solved that problem for you.

In this guide, we will tell you some of the best locations in Elden Ring for some high-stakes PvP battles.

Best locations for PvP duels in Elden Ring

There are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding on places to duel in Elden Ring. Naturally, you’ll want a nice even and enclosed area with just a little bit of slope so you have an aspect of high ground for tactical advantage. Other than that, you’d want an area away from any NPC or other in-game enemies so you can duel undisturbed.

Keeping all these things in mind, we’ve come up with the five best PVP locations in Elden Ring.

The Main Academy Gate Site of Grace

The first Elden Ring dueling location we have on our list is the Main Academy Site of Grace. This gate can be found in Liurnia – Raya Lucaria Academy. Here, you will find people of a similar mindset to yours, people that just want a good old, fair 1v1.

This is a small enclosed area with the Site of Grace right at the center of the large circle with blood splatters on the ground. Once you’re there, just whip out your Furlcalling Finger Remedy and you should be able to find a lot of summoning pools in the center of the circle.

Alternatively, you can also use the Duelist’s Furled Finger to put your own Summoning Pool down.

The intersection south of the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace in the Alteus Plateau

You’ve got yourself a nice flat, open area with little to no enemies around to disturb you as you fight for your life.

As for the scenery, you’ve got the beautiful orange trees in the surroundings and a great blue sky above, with a large central area to fight and a flight of stairs as elevated ground.

The Freezing Lake Site of Grace

The Freezing Lake Site of Grace, as the name implies, is located in the snow biome, which is unlocked fairly late in the game after you have defeated Borealis. Here, you have a huge flat, wide-open area to fight. There are no enemies in the immediate vicinity, but you might want to refrain from straying too far and running into the dragon on the lake.

The First Step Site of Grace

This area is unlocked for pretty much everyone in the game, as it’s one of the first areas you unlock. It’s a good small, elevated area for you to fight on, but do make sure to establish a dueling group here beforehand to avoid running into dishonorable and merciless hosts.

The Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace

This particular area has a great ambiance, given its blood-filled rivers and fog all around really kicks in the vibe of a phenomenal fight. This area is located in the Liurnia of Lakes.

Here, you might also want to set up your duels beforehand to avoid any ‘obvious’ inconveniences.

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