Best Poise Armor Sets In Elden Ring

Having the best armor set with the highest poise stat in Elden Ring means that enemies will not be able to stagger you with their attacks.

In Elden Ring, poise refers to your ability to withstand damage before getting staggered during battle. In other words, it is the amount of hits you can take before getting stunned. Your poise points are shown below the equip load data from the equipment menu. But the rate at which your Poise depletes isn’t explicitly shown. Generally, most armor sets can withstand up to two hits before your Poise breaks in Elden Ring.

However, the types of weapons your enemy uses can have a significant impact on the breakpoint; heavier weapons tend to break your Poise faster as compared to smaller weapons.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the ten best armor sets to boost your poise stat in Elden Ring. Furthermore, we’ll also take a look at how exactly Poise works when it comes to enemy attacks and how it resets and depletes during battles.

10. Scaled Set

Armor Poise: 71

Armor Weight: 38

Poise to weight ratio: 1.86

The Scaled Armor set can be acquired after defeating Old Knight Istvan during the Volcano Manor quest line. Not only is this one of the best lightweight/high poise armors in the game but it also boasts respectable damage negation and elemental resistance. The Scaled Set is the perfect early-mid-game high-poise armor set.

9. Banished Knight Set

Armor Poise: 72

Armor Weight: 41.6

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.73

The Banished Knight armor set falls under the heavyweight armor category. Its armor pieces can be acquired individually by defeating Banished Knights in Limgrave, Caelid, and Crumbling Farum Azula. This armor set also boasts some respectable damage negation and elemental resistance stats. This is also a great early game/high poise armor set in Elden Ring.

8. Beast Champion Set

Armor Poise: 72

Armor Weight: 41.6

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.73

Regarding weight and Poise, The Beast Champion Armor set is similar to the Banished Knight Set. However, its increased resistance against elemental damage and its higher Vitality, Immunity, and Robustness set it apart. This armor set can be picked up by defeating Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave.

7. General Radahn Set

Armor Poise: 72

Armor Weight: 41.6

Poise to wight Ratio: 1.73

Boasting similar stats to the previous two armors, General Radahn’s armor set offers better protection and improved Robustness and Vitality. It can be acquired from Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold once you defeat General Radahn in Redmane Castle. This armor set costs 8,000 runes.

6. Veteran’s Set

Armor Poise: 80

Armor Weight: 45

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.77

The Veteran’s Set can be purchased from Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold once you defeat Commander Niall in Castle Sol. This armor set features a significant jump in the Poise stat when compared to the previous four entries in Elden Ring. The Veteran’s Set has some of the best resistances in the game, making it an all-around good choice if you want armor that offers good protection.


To calculate the poise-to-weight ratio for any armor set, simply divide the combined Poise Stat by the Combined weight stat.

5. Tree Sentinel Set

Armor Poise: 82

Armor Weight: 45

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.82

The Tree Sentinel armor set can be acquired once you destroy the three chariots in Auriza Hero’s grave in the Atlus Plateau. This armor features a massive jump in Poise compared to the previous four sets. Though, it also weighs slightly more. The Tree Sentinel set also features high resistance and damage negations.

4. Lionel’s Set

Armor Poise: 86

Armor Weight: 50.5

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.70

Lionel’s set can be acquired from a building near the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell. With a Poise of 86, it is a great armor set to have during the mid-game in Elden Ring. However, it does weigh quite a bit so make sure your equip load is at an appropriate level to use it effectively.

3. Omen Set

Armor Poise: 91

Armor Weight: 55

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.65

The Omen set can be acquired after finishing the Dung Eater quest in the Roundtable Hold. This armor features 91 Poise and 55 weight. You’ll need to make sure your equip load is high enough to wield this armor effectively and prevent fat rolling.

2. Fire Prelate Set

Armor Poise: 96

Armor Weight: 58.5

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.64

The Fire Prelate set, features an impressive 96 Poise stat, however, this comes at the cost of a weight of 58.5, making it one of the heaviest armors in the game. Though you’ll lose some mobility (if your equip load isn’t appropriate), you’ll also gain solid protection all around, especially for fire damage. The Fire Prelate set can be acquired by defeating Fire Prelate enemies in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

1. Bull-Goat Set

Armor Poise: 99.99

Armor Weight: 63

Poise to weight Ratio: 1.58

The Bull-Goat armor set has the highest Poise and (unsurprisingly) the highest weight in Elden Ring. The high weight means that this armor has the lowest weight-to-poise ratio in the game, meaning your equip load will need to be very high to equip it effectively. Apart from its poise, it also features high elemental and physical resistance, making it one of the best defensive tanking armors in the game. To acquire the Bull-Goat set in Elden Ring, you’ll need to defeat the Great Horned Tragoth.

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